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Shanghai Nuo covers with tiles content sheds technical limited company
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Shanghai Nuo covers with tiles content sheds technical limited company to result from content of limited company of Shanghai Nuo made of baked clay science and technology sheds career department, it is one is engaged in other people of commerce, business shedding a project to seek advice, program and project are compositive professional company. The company depends on the industry experience that will 10 years abound, carried on high-class other people of many world-famous enterprise and country sheds the thing that runs a company to shed a project, own all intellectual property to core technology.

Nuo covers with tiles the industry experience with company old foundation and project are accumulated, the sorting thing that successfully development gave to suit all sorts of exercise types sheds system and storage content to shed a system, compositive a variety of advanced content such as RFID, RF, L-PICK, mobile exercise sort exercise equipment, more important is all means that these systems use distributinging exercise to cross programmed control to make, with the user run the clench the teeth with perfect mode.

The is aimed at tripartite sorting content that Nuo covers with tiles the company is developed sheds a system compositive IT of contemporary electron technology, control and modern other people shed a concept, offerred a variety of sorting to match freight to make administrative pattern. The system of WMS of real time freight lot of original creation of Nuo made of baked clay company, the technology that uses dimensional fixed position presses bulk and space to have fixed position directly to kinds or types of goods, came true nonstandard the trends of bulk kinds or types of goods and frequent mobile kinds or types of goods store management, it is the special other people such as airport freight transport those who shed a domain is optimal run option.

The exercise mode that the artificial storage that Nuo covers with tiles the storage content of the company sheds administrative system to change a tradition manages, realized the computer to manage to the automation of exercise spot and exercise process truly. More important is these technologies and concept introduce and compositive gifted traditional content sheds the concept with time, space and condition, apply modern computer technology and content to shed control to be united in wedlock theoretically, realized content to flow from before management of proof type WMS has gone to what form manages to span. Of this one mode introduced big earth to raise content shedding to supply, be on the move run efficiency, can forecast in time in the future, management now, statistic goes, this one original other people sheds the implementation that runs a concept, initiated a kind of brand-new content to flow run mode.

The program that school assignment still offers to specific client while at present Shanghai Nuo covers with tiles content sheds technical limited company to there already were software system and content to sort equipment in development promotion, business seeks advice, run jointly wait for a variety of collaboration mode.
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