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Only wisdom IT (Shanghai) limited company
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Only wisdom IT (Shanghai) limited company was in Shanghai 2000 high-tech garden area registers Zhang Jiang. Company headquarters is set in Shanghai, center of research and development was established in Chengdu.

Only wisdom information is one dedicated manage solution provider at supplying catenary whole journey, business covers:
·Carriage management
·Storage management
·Supply catenary to optimize
·Business affairs intelligence

Only wisdom the administrative group of the company is having very strong abroad background and outstanding administrative experience; We also have an outstanding employee team, possess elder industry experience and outstanding professional personal integrity.

We the understanding that to the supply of new economy times chain management has special profundity, participated in a lot of and advanced content actually to flow supply chain the design of the solution, development and carry out.

Only wisdom the product of the company and solution can have managed not only supply chain, and still can supply chain outspread the partner to you. Only wisdom what optimize an enterprise content shedding is run and Fu Zhu carries out the solution that company place offers.

We are held to " honest, respect course of study, enterprising, innovation " the concept provides excellent service for the client, create value hand in hand with the client.

Contact: Chen Fengtao
Electronic mailbox: Fengtao.chen@vtradex.com
Firm network address: Http://www.vtradex.com/

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