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LXE is had in design and development industry wireless car carries reach the experience that holds terminal respect more than 30 years. You can share us everyday professional technology place brings ground advantage. LXE is offerred for you in the supply with the at present wholest range on the market catenary product, no matter you are searched, is device is being chosen choose go-cart, forklift, still be the mobile computer on bank condole, LXE can fast offers integral solution.

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Wireless car holds VX5 industry

Be based on Windows? did VX5 configure Intel? ; of processor of mobile Pentium III(933MHz CPU) it is waterproof and dustproof achieve IP66 quality. It used the damping technology with distinctive LXE, can resist forklift or other are heavy-duty when equipment works shake and shake, agree with use in extreme environment.

TFT of optimized glass of 12.1" wide screen shows screen brightness is as high as 550NIT, outstanding indoor with effect of the vision outdoor. Feel screen control.

VX3X bolts turning carries computer completely

Did VX3X configure Intel? XScale? 400MHz processor, accord with industrial standard IP66, microsoft? CE 5.0 operating system. LXE VX3X has the design of construction of system of outstanding consistence, wear and dependability. The collect card that suits dock container exercise particularly and trailer apply, have the compositive car that designs for collect card or forklift power supply only to carry power supply, 6.5 inches big indication screen (640x240) more benefit is browsed at the driver. Complete clavier and function key of one key type raise an user to operate efficiency.