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FLUX.WMS is crossed into V2.0 times
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Shanghai is rich strap limited company of information science and technology to rolled out our company ceremoniously on June 6, 2008 the content of own research and development circulates version of software product FLUX.WMS V2.0, the issuance of this version, the mark is worn FLUX enters international the train that advanced content sheds software.

Rich since strapping science and technology to roll out generation storage to run a system from 2003, explore ceaselessly in 5 years, make in production, content of trade flow, tripartite sheds the thorough collaboration that waits for domain industry to head a company in, accumulated many other people to flow to manage and run experience.

Fu Lejiang's big advisory group passes optimal to the industry practice arrange, the administrative concept with combinative advanced international, in the 2nd acting product that blends in FLUX.WMS in the round, the support with make FLUX.WMS OK better different type thing spreads each trades of the center run a requirement.

Sort the flying development of the industry as content, seed profit is changed, the trend of network, unifinication is more clear, it is better to be provide informatization support, FLUX.WMS V2.0 made major shake-up on the technology, will original two frameworks instead is based on the three-layer system of framework of brand-new Rich Client technology, shed the need of position of industry much spot in order to get used to content, data completeness is taller, newer deploy is more convenient, headquarters and each bits of content between shed cooperation more efficient.

FLUX.WMS V2.0 is comprehensive and compositive RF, RFID, Pick To Light, ASRS, carry the advanced content such as line, stacker to sort exercise equipment, promote content to shed exercise efficiency of the center considerably. Believe the development as FLUX.WMS V2.0 version is popularized, the lead company that is sure to aid force more domain sheds central management in content ability and on executive efficiency more a step!

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