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Shanghai Luo Qin content sheds software limited company
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Shanghai Luo Qin content sheds software limited company (Shanghai LOCHAINE Logistics Software Co. , ltd. ) , by be engaged in European content for a long time shedding a project to study as famous as what seek advice expert is mixed study abroad personnel is founded jointly, the company is registered at region of piece of vital garden of Jiang Gaoke ability. The company draws lessons from the commercial pattern with advanced international and administrative experience adequately, combine Chinese national condition, for content shedding the enterprise provides specializationed collaboration and service. Dedicated the design that sheds trade news system at content, development and compositive, devote oneself to to popularize content to shed content of software, stimulative China to shed business management progress.

The company gathered together a batch of technology personnel that are brave in to develop innovation, be apt to to make tough fight and the expert that have rich industry knowledge and administrative experience, the technological process of product research and development that established infrastructure of reasonable constituent construction, complete research and development and standard. Developed successfully already at present have home advanced level, be aimed at content popularity course of study, include LOCHAINE-TMS, LOCHAINE-WMS, LOCHAINE-FMS and LOCHAINE-ILIP compositive change content to shed catenary operation platform to wait for the core product that owns own intellectual property, can have something made to order with measuring a body for the client system, offer what be based on Internet outstandingly " with the client / the market is a center " the solution of seriation information system that faces tripartite content to shed enterprise and content to shed a center and software service.

The company established the market to develop ability very strong sale and executive group, a lot of content of the long triangle area that has been a center with above sea at present shed enterprise, content to shed center and oil field transport company to build collaboration to concern, tens of home companies are used formally, about a hundred company is in try out. Of Luo Qin software specialization product and service, very good in the public praise in the industry.

Luo Qin software is growing to have the administrative software company of international competition ability for, be awarded " optimal content of 2006 year China sheds software company " ! Look into future, luo Qin general and broad client achieve happiness in all hand in hand together tomorrow, become Chinese content to spread a trade most one of software companies that get client praise highly.

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