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Progress of science and technology of megalosaurus of the division in Beijing is
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Science and technology of megalosaurus of the division in Beijing develops limited company to held water 2002, it is enterprise of high-tech of a civilian battalion. The company is located in Beijing ZhongGuanCun development of new and high technology, orgnaization of more than 20 representative is had in the whole nation.

My company is in 10 cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Chengdu, Kunming, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Shenyang set an agent.

My company has the technical personnel team of much discipline of a tall record of formal schooling, they have old development experience and rich manufacturing practice experience, and identify network, automatically to Chinese computer, understand and hold what the actual demand of the industry such as multimedia self-help and development direction are having profundity. Be these outstanding talents, make my company always can dog to identify the latest technology with multimedia self-help industry computer network, automatically, ceaseless development has the new product of high level and new system.

My company devotes oneself to 2 kinds of big products to identify the product research and development with multimedia self-help industry automatically namely all the time, make and sell. Offer for the client with all one's strength specialization, the equipment of whole set. The product covered a number / label of Chinese character electron, bar code printer, heat quick / data of scanner of printer of needle type bill, bar code, bar code is collected implement, magnetic card / IC card is read write implement, label of machine of card of indication screen of LED/LCD POS client, automatic carry out, electron is chosen.

My company main production manages and the series product of acting sale is as follows:

Label of electron of megalosaurus of the division in ● picks money system
● POS58/POS80/POS88III is hot quick bill printer
Printer of bill of type of ● POS76/POS76II needle
● CD192 duty accuses printer
● 9808 8 LED client displays screen
● 9811 11 LED client displays screen
● 9822 Chinese and English liquid crystal (LCD) the client displays screen
● 9826V takes speech VFD Chinese and English client to display screen
Machine of card of ● L2118 automatic carry out
● magnetic card / IC card is read write equipment
● is touched control machine of an organic whole
Inquiry of ● telephone bill and the terminal that print
● feels monitor
● is muti_function self-help terminal
Machine of ● dactylogram check on work attendance
Computer of ● industry flat
Reader of bar code of whole set of HHP of ● United States
Reader of bar code of whole set of SYMBOL/METROLOGIC of ● United States, bar code data is collected implement
Printer of bar code of whole set of ZEBRA of ● United States
Printer of bar code of whole set of ● Taiwan GODEX

When division megalosaurus product is being designed in, labour of mature human body learns a principle, let handlers feel comfortable when use, use not easy exhaustion for long. Product exterior shows clipper-built design, arrive greatly machine ark, small to each pushbutton, notting have is not professional basis human body engineering and human visual perception get the elaborate design that undertake, more the accurate, fast processing capability of electrify head and network system, accomplish an operation convenient, use comfortable, response seasonable. Raise machine utilization rate thereby, win more clients.
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