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Shanghai world couplet IT limited company
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World couplet is home's banner IT comprehensive solution provider. We basically devote oneself to the enterprise inside the territory in be to offer software product and company solution, IT to consult compositive professional work of service, system. The course counts year of research and development, we had been formed in order to carry, deserve to send, the series content that storehouse is core sheds product and solution, OA solution. The close together union that we organize through supervising technology, IT and staff, help industry raises performance level.

   •World couplet devotes oneself to to precede with the world the technology serves at indigenous industry. We are the introduce person of the world advanced IT such as Korea, Japan, it is the strategic partner that foreign informatization organization and famous software company are in China. Pass alliance and cooperation, we enhance oneself to seek advice from ability of the bag outside reaching ceaselessly, the business that extends a company hard serves a network, client of industry of effective help target comes true quickly its manage an end.

   •World couplet has provided a service for more than 100 client, among them the lead company that the majority is enterprise of Euramerican, Han endowment and Chinese home. Pass fast, compositive service, create the value that can last for the client. We are mixed with the technology of oneself, actual strength the purpose that serves for the client, win the client's credit hard.

   •World couplet headquarters is set in Shanghai, the near future will create branch or agency in and other places of Jinan, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian.

   •World couplet has many adviser and engineer in home, in the meantime, we have the partner's tremendous international in Asia-Pacific senior adviser and expert resource, satisfy the informatization requirement of each main industry client adequately.

   •Be based on a service the service with the rich experience at user of of all kinds enterprise, outstanding talent resource, perfect industry and supportive system and powerful partner concern, world couplet can help an enterprise apply IT better, make company growing earnest wish.

Shanghai world couplet IT limited company
Shanghai Icoll Information Technology Co. , ltd

Address: Shanghai mayor Shou Lu flies to vulture edifice 1076 numbers 701-702 room
Room701-702, no1076, changshou Rd. , shanghai
Postcode: 200042
Phone: 021-32210190 / 91 / 92 / 93 - 1001
Fax: 021-32210193 -1010

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