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Be good at flying content sheds resource to plan to run a system
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Be good at flying content sheds resource to plan to run a system (EF-LRP) it is to be only large and medium-sized content shedding manages the company level unifinication that tripartite content sheds enterprise, production to make business other people shed a branch to develop development software. This system is based on modern other people to shed the idea that supplies catenary unifinication, its core idea is plan to be engine with content shedding, with content abortion is tasted for core, face management decision-making, coach content sheds operation in the round, it is the fine other people with current home not much number sheds administrative software.

Its are main the characteristic is as follows:

1.The content of unifinication sheds administrative system, circulate a plan through content, can coordinate content to shed a business from overall situation of each business segment work in coordination. At the same time supportive collectivize, much site runs mode in coordination,
Supportable much area, much Cheng is carried, the business of much style through traffic that a variety of business set.

2.Content sheds the product of the service to change. Analyse the performance of company core business from financial angle, provide decision-making basis for decision-making layer.

3.The intelligence that the content of plug-in unit type sheds resource plan, content to shed exercise strategy to manage mode to improve a system greatly is changed, automation level, directive content sheds operation.

4.The system of KPI assessment quota that defines oneself measures a company in the round the administrative performance of each respect, provide decision-making support for the company.

5.The content that defines oneself sheds cost to lead the automatic computation that formula supports all sorts of dealing with or receivable content spreads cost.

6.Powerful storage manages, support is common storehouse, superintend and maintain duty warehouse the system can pick shipping list according to politic and automatic generation, go up a plan, directive storehouse works.

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