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The vacuum of contented individuation demand carries a system
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Current vacuum trade, technical change quickly, as the whole world famous vacuum carries systematic supplier, germany applies the advantage that strides Ci to involve place the trade to be centered together, small arrive component, big to whole vacuum system, offer professional vacuum solution for its according to diverse demand of the client. Current, shimaici's product line basically has vacuum acetabulum, vacuum carries system and system of vacuum clamping apparatus, key application is being packed, the domain such as plate material, car, chemical industry and lumber.

For example lumber industry, before using vacuum system, of board carry need a large number of manpower, or it is to use a design the rigid clamping apparatus with complex high price, and very difficult handy carry board surely. Succeed in Shimaici after FX of system of clamping apparatus of vacuum of research and development, this difficult problem be readily solved. Use system of clamping apparatus of the vacuum that stride Ci, need to absorb of stock fraction only, OK and relaxed implementation is carried, surface of even if stock is rough rectify or have hollow out, still absorb freely. Compared with the kind that machinery carries, vacuum adsorption is more easy and handy, stock of not easy attaint, at the same time vacuum system also unlike machine system appears easily in that way breakdown.

Increase strength of research and development to foster environmental protection concept

Current, shimaici had established subsidiary and 2 agency in big China area, with its professional product, perfect after service, satisfied the client high quality requirement to detail; Meanwhile, shimaici still is opening the challenge that sends new product to did not come in order to face ceaselessly. Shimaici basically includes the famous firm such as IMA, SONY, IBM, BOSCH, BAYER in Chinese partner.

Nearly two years, shimaici develops a case in the business of Europe, America and Asia first-rate. Pack in the Munich 2008 exhibit on, the vacuum component that compositive business uses the system that has 90% or vacuum system are Shimaici's product, this shows its had made the leader brand that vacuum carries in Europe and global market. As Shimaici's partner, the robot such as library card, ABB produces the vacuum system that business provides to its to all have very high opinion, this basically is attributed to what Shimaici feedbacks to the client to take seriously, reflect not only in product quality respect, also emphasize after service very much at the same time.

1994 up to now, shimaici had won large award of a lot of environmental protection. To environmental protection career, shimaici's effort is do one's best. The company has his windmill, use n in order to offer what plant institute needs, still can assure a factory at the same time of around dweller with report. Meanwhile, shimaici still has solar energy to generate electricity system, and trash is handled and reclaim system, accord with standard of ISO14001 environmental protection. The company also won't abandon casually to using the article such as the paper case that pass, by reclaim technically the company undertakes handling. When the opportunity is mature, shimaicihui introduces concept of environmental protection technology China.
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