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2008 Asias content flows exhibit: Focusing content sheds domain new technology,
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Whether did your company already achieve low cost on content shedding operation efficient run? Are you being made, whether did assembly line already also finish high automation with carriage respect? No matter the answer how, more rich and generous benefit is gotten in wanting you to want to shed operation and management from efficient content only, so in system of assembly line, storehouse, instruction and manufacturing workshop content of the implementation in each link sheds automation will be the development tide that cannot resist.

27-30 day read extensively in Shanghai new international this year in October the thing of 2008 Asias international that the center holds sheds technology and carriage system exhibition (abbreviation Asia content flows exhibit) will roll out ceremoniously " international guides automatically carry a car (AGV) " exhibit an area, reveal in the round banner nobody drive carry a system.

Guide automatically carrying a car is current and flexible the content in production system and automation storage system sheds carriage significant step, also be to be in content shedding domain head the simple and active automatic stock that push carries kind. The electric motor-car that nobody drive carries a system automatically to carry goods through applying, can fall in the circumstance of each other noninterference goods destination of service of efficient and reliable ground. Sort the burgeoning equipment in device sphere as content, guide those who carry a car automatically to used huge to reduce the labor intensity of people, raised content shedding to run efficiency and service quality, reduced content to spread cost. The spot attends the ginseng that AGV reveals to exhibit business to have: E&K AUTOMATION, ELETTRIC80, Goetting KG, Paul Vahle, SICK. They regard AGV domain as the lead company inside, the advanced technique of will high quality high value delivers a whole world. The ideal platform that the researcher that AGV exhibits an area to aim to lead car system for nobody, manufacturer and user provide a communication to cooperate.

This second AGV exhibits an area to exhibit a company to combine Germany by German Han Nuowei university of Han Nuowei Leibnitz Professor Lothar Schulze founds organization. Professor Lothar Schulze is content of Leibnitz university storehouse shedding a system to design an operation is a director, depend on its 20 years to abound experience in what accumulate inside disparate industry, already became nobody to guide car system development to use the precursory researcher with famous domain at present. At the appointed time, schulze is taught spot of be a guest, the pertinent question that sheds equipment technology with respect to AGV technology and content makes the spot solve for the audience. Audience also but the newest trends that understands this technology for a short while, understand thoroughly modern other people to shed the newest development current that runs device sphere.

If your enterprise perhaps been about to have executed automation process, cordial invitation attends 2008 Asias content flow before you exhibit -- international guides automatically carry a car to exhibit an area! What in the spot you will appreciate hearten making a person is unmanned the development that conducts car system, obtain how are the latest technology that carries a territory automatically and understanding developed and improve those who belong to you oneself is unmanned lead car system. Be about to know more detail, log onto a website please: Www.cemat-asia.com
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