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The ERP that how chooses a qualification carries out adviser
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ERP system is carried out is giant, complex systematic project, apply actually involve from make content sort many link. Want to be in charge of implementing the project that ERP expends numerous resource and time so in the round, most CIO is competent very hard. Because though CIO is the technical backbone of the enterprise, but often lack professional ability, or because be in for a long time same a company service, suffer the effect of thinking formulary, often oversight or the problem that in realizing an enterprise, already existed, cannot be defined clearly to the demand of the enterprise and describe, lack enough administrative view and thought height.

Carry out obstruction to overcome those who come from interior, invite foreign IT government to seek advice from expert can yet be regarded as a tweak. Actually, ERP project carries out great majority to cannot leave to carry out adviser. ERP software carries out in have a cant: "3 minutes of software, carry out 7 minutes. " the enterprise needs financial adviser, counselor in management course, need informatization adviser to communicate in the process of executive informatization likewise, harmonious Jia Yishuang just concerns, help enterprise undertakes feasibility invite public bidding of program of research, whole, type selecting, executive inspect manages and be checked and accept evaluate, protective enterprise informatization invests, raise a project to be led successfully.

So when the enterprise is accepting advisory service, answer the respect does the work from what, does the effect that ability consults management manage a company effectively is the enterprise promoted to improve beneficial result in practice? CIO should act a what kind of part, ability more be helpful for seek advice from a project to obtain result?

Measure one: Make the investigation before the favour

Before retaining IT adviser, CIO must make clear the effective demand of enterprise informatization above all, make survey of good business interior, be clear that oneself begin the end of advisory project, include to seeking advice from the anticipation of project result, what service can administrative adviser provide? What redound can you create for the enterprise? Be based on the ERP adviser with this preliminary judgement what kind of need.

Next, whether enough capital budget develops this project? Is guidance support spent how? Without capital, one can't make bricks without straw.

Moreover, how to evaluate the result of advisory project and the sign that specific project ends? It is with accepting advisory report is a mark, still need to evaluate executive result through the committee of experts? After specific target, should implement these ideas specific advisory work to plan to go up, include to establish the timetable that target and project implement, begin to begin to carry out.

Measure 2: Evaluate await pick advisory company
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