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Fair show: Mao of Qu of man of natrium of scoop up with a dust pan of Hao Song o
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Since the 7th times Chinese content sheds paper of academic annual meeting to be collected oneself, get participating paper in all 605, the amount amounts to calendar year top level. Paper out whole nation saves many 1000 author of city municipality 25 times, total word number is in 4 million above. Evaluation expert is mirrorred generally, article of this second ginseng comment combines current country other people to sort development actual, reflected content to shed the newest gain of research, quality is apparent prep above in former years.

To assure to evaluate the work open, fair, justice undertakes, the society makes public choose randomly from inside director and researcher of engage by special arrangement 26 experts, compositive commissioner is met. Basis " the 7th times Chinese content sheds academic annual meeting to evaluate method " regulation, all participating papers according to faceless, in group, the means with set limit to and evasive across sends each commissioner, undertake evaluating according to uniform standard. Meet through group of commissioner individual, commissioner and commissioner 3 administrative levels are chosen guard a pass, take grading, sort, put forward to evaluate an opinion, poll and consider waiting for many programs quite, strive to accomplish high quality paper to win tall award, excellent paper is not omited.

Accordingly, can judge a paper of 225 bear the palm in all second year originally (bear the palm is led 37.19% ) . Among them: First prize 9 (bear the palm is led 1.49% ) , second-class award 21 (bear the palm is led 3.47% ) , third class award 72 (bear the palm is led 11.90% ) , outstanding award 123 (bear the palm is led 20.33% ) .

Give evaluation as a result now fair show, fair show period come since this day on October 20, 2008. Fair show period inside, if receive,be confirmed it is truly borrowed, the piracy, paper that makes a holiday, or already will be cancelled in the paper of bear the palm of annual meeting of previous term or session qualification of bear the palm.

Fair after showing an end, the result after the society checks the basis edits list of bear the palm, formal print and distribute expresses clear decision. Particularly excellent paper already referred press of Chinese goods and materials, " Chinese content sheds academic forward position to report " (2007, 2008) , already entered an editor to publish a program, everybody will be sent to represent when annual meeting is held. No matter bear the palm, want an author to agree only, institutional general is record in all participating papers " Chinese content sheds institutional webpage " , be browsed for the member and download.

Every refers the author of the paper, already all accorded with initiate condition, the welcome applies for to join a society, become Chinese content to shed academician, begin to enjoy member service and corresponding privilege (the conference fee that Bencihui discusses can enjoy member preferential price) .
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