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The new-style label of SOKYMAT AUTOMOTIVE faces harsh environment
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SOKYMAT AUTOMOTIVE GmbH is the leading sheep of the RFID hardware development that a few industries use the whole world, production, sale, develop a kind of new durable label again recently, for the environment the content with abominable, high demand flows, storehouse management is used.

This kind new label uses dish of form that the name is Tough Operation Performance at date from to dog goods dish, bucket form container, container and car are very good, still can use at what heavy industry and outdoors environment fall control of tool identifying, process and rubbish management.

This kind of job frequency of dish of form label is 125kHz /- 6kHz, contain embedded RF64 chip, what mature in its is industrial an important variety added in label series, can use at car and entrance guard management to wait.

34mm of diameter of this kind of new product, ply reduces 6.0mm, comfortable resist at work and putting the need when lay aside the chemical, concussion, industry situation that shakes to change with temperature. Additional, it still has to match the general aperture of apply mechanically with heavy head bolt or round head bolt, can use at the metal. The client can choose the color that matchs with the metal to order goods.

RFID technology is to identify dog most the method of on the safe side, SOKYMAT AUTOMOTIVE assures to satisfy market demand. Its are full automatic stretch product line can ensure the product is high grade, delivery is quick. In the meantime, SOKYMAT AUTOMOTIVE series is all label but custom-built, in order to satisfy special need of the client.

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