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ERP system switch is sure to keep in mind " 3 should 3 not "
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ERP system is carried out will when switch, had been in successfully nearly very close, still have the view of a short distance away nevertheless, in final phase suffer a setback not rarely seen also. What does the need when switch do, what to do, I was summed up " 3 should 3 not " .

One, should prepare data adequately, not jerry

"The success of ERP relies on software 3 minutes, rely on 7 minutes to carry out, extremely relies on data " , a lot of people had heard this word, also can understand, but do not know how to do ability to consider data preparation sufficient certainly. Indeed, select different software system, the requirement that different adviser plans to data is endless and identical, but the difference won't be very big. The key is preparing to arrive in detail at data what degree, be like the plan parameter of stock, according to strict requirement every stock needs a definition, and the plan parameter of the definition should agree with reality, otherwise the plan function of ERP system runs smoothly impossibly.

2, should insist to use a system, do not do additionally at will

There is the thing of perfect on the world, ERP is not exceptional also. Theoretic the square respect area that says ERP can cover business management, be not actually such. Even if can come true, also be a process, be impossible to achieve inside a few executive months normally.

3, should lash-up handles program, do not start collateral operation

Many people like to start the collateral operation of period of time after the line on ERP system switch, feel this is the safest, blame is such cannot. This says to circulate very wide, baneful influence is very extensive also, collateral operation has 100 to kill and do not have one benefit, it is the big fallacy that must abandon.

Collateral operation may come from accountant report to calculate the requirement that change, accountant report calculates change a requirement " before solid employ computer replaces manual charge to an account, undertake with the computer accountant business accounting and manual beard synchronism run proper time, obtain consistent result " , since the government sector asks financial part must run paralell,handle period of time, it is 3 months normally, although I think this kind runs paralell,not was necessary, but the leeway that also does not have argy-bargy. Even if is such nevertheless, also be financial part need only collateral operation, this does not mean whole ERP system to produce management to need collateral operation especially.

One of argument that support collateral operation are new system just began to use, move to make sure day-to-day professional work is normal, do not suffer adroitness of stability of data preparation, system, personnel to spend wait for an influence, be necessary old system is collateral handle period of time. Look reasonable, actual deliberate is not such.
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