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SCM becomes key informatization to aid an enterprise to get used to globalizatio
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Globalization tide causes impact to our country enterprise

Deepen further as what our country opens to the outside world, more and more enterprises that cross a state were certain China's huge market, garrison China in succession. Because price of our country labour force is having larger dominant position relative to western developed country, because this great majority crosses state-owend enterprise trade oneself supply catenary system outspread to China. These enterprises because oneself informatization level of management is higher, also having higher demand to the informatization ability of domestic partner so, of enterprise of hope our country supply chain management to also can realize informatization, this is opposite undoubtedly of our country enterprise supplying catenary government is a bigger challenge. Can so say, globalization tide is already right of our country enterprise supplied chain management system to produce huge impact, to can get used to this one requirement, domestic company developed to supply the upsurge that catenary informatization builds.

Home's oldest other people flows supply vendor of chain management software Shen Guokang of president of rich branch information tells the author, it is early actually before this, the enterprise of eye of a few strategy of sex of the look up before having had aimed at content shedding to supply chain management to this manages a method and try to apply, with period supply catenary system through building comprehensive, perfect, effective, quick modern other people to flow, will because scope is little,solve our country enterprise and cannot form dimensions benefit; Because of the structure complete, expenditure is big, in-house administrative levels overstaffed of various, structure and cannot form resultant force; What most enterprise repeats low administrative levels to compete and bring about is internecine wait for a series of problems. Among them, in Chinese amount most, the demand that the manufacturing industry with the giantest industry supplies catenary system to content shedding is most exuberant. But because such enterprise is rare only, go up in whole so, still inadequacy and implementation supply catenary resource conformity with what cross state-owend enterprise trade.

In supplying chain management to be weighed into contemporary company heavy

Why to cross state-owend enterprise course of study to having such high demand to supplying catenary government? This is the property be closely bound up with contemporary company. The supply of an any globalization production enterprises catenary compose Chengdu is complex and flimsy, the design that involves a product, production, sale arrives all the time each reclaiming link, if do not pay attention to the informatization government that supplies chain to content shedding usually, once any among them one annulus appeared of information be short of break or manage the problem that go up, the other link that supplies chain can have the problem the enlarge of geometrical level, bring about whole out of control that supplies chain thereby. A when this causes immediate result crosses state-owend enterprise course of study to ask its partner is supplying catenary government namely administrative base must be had on informatization, want to have stronger compositive capability and nimble reaction capacity.
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