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ERP price war thinks: How to choose to fit the product of the enterprise?
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Enterprise informatization construction passed harships course of a few years 20, it is enterprise or software vendor got great progress no matter. From original " want me to go up " to now " I should go up " , the client's state of mind produced fundamental change. But compare with 80 time photograph, the enterprise begins to face new difficult problem again now. In 80 time, the firm that can provide manufacturing industry informatization to run software is less, the margin that everybody chooses is narrow. And so-called now the supplier that can offer ERP software product has on 1000, the price is six to one more, the price of an ERP software from thousands of differ to a few ten million, such price market went to enterprise type selecting really not quite not little difficult problem.

The financial software application of the poor dissimilation our country that runs mode is better, the difference on the price is not big also, the reason is financial management has uniform standard and standard, software firm also must offer corresponding software product according to financial institution and standard. What differ to it is, ERP is the administrative medium that has be optimizinged in the round to company natural resources, also be the main tool that can prop up an enterprise to carry out management to promote. The limits that will manage to its for years and the function that should have are from beginning to end in the controversy, the standard with uniform neither one. Because differ,the administrative pattern of type enterprise differs, also establish an uniform standard hard. Accordingly, 100 barge appeared to contend for drifting picture on ERP market.

The product with price bigger difference, the respect such as the business mode of the function that providing, flow control, support, flexibility, adaptability, security is existing certainly difference, this differentia different will affect the application of the enterprise directly, once choose to have by accident, will cause the failure that the project carries out.

The importance that the reflection that the price causes carries out adviser sells software to be different from sell hardware, sell applied management software more unlike sell a tool software. ERP is relatively administrative software of the system, it involves a company of each branches cooperate each other and run in coordination.

It is product of a software not only, more advanced administrative idea guides, of business flow optimize, of the adjustment of origanization construction and staff post, management system that gets used to all of computer science department build, software is adjusted with perfect etc, these need to carry out adviser to help enterprise implementation, assure basically a good advisory group is project application success.

Do project and do a product to have great difference the ERP software product with a strong adaptability is to be in the diverse demand that knows a lot of business in the round, after having analysis putting in collect 's charge and raising of things to a higher level, introduce advanced MRPII government idea, undertake developing according to software project standard, get the practice of the user and the result that perfect ceaselessly. The specific requirement that a group is aimed at an enterprise has project development, want to be able to satisfy the requirement of the enterprise only, the project succeeds namely in the application of the enterprise. But this project software installation is in another enterprise, it is the enterprise of same production type even, be afraid cannot use a success quite. Do project and do a product to having great difference.
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