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Maintain a content to spread a day that carries automation
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In recent years, sort the swift and violent development of the industry as our country content, to it the central point that relevant stock carries automation and its informatization technology to also become the enterprise inside course of study to pay close attention to. Because stock carries the fundamental sex that machinery uses, extensive sex and value, make a lot of industry developed countries carry stock the key that the technology regards development as; Chinese manufacturing industry also because of its in last few years high speed develops, the demand that spurs pair of stock to carry equipment is remarkable with each passing day.

Exhibit in CeMAT ASIA 2008 meeting during be about to hold, this period with " stock carries automation " for the theme, invite relevant supplier to have a conversation, discuss trade current situation and market prospect jointly.

Large and efficient agile safety

Mr Liu Tiande: At present the business in home basically divides STAHL CraneSystems for 3 parts: Wire rope calabash reachs calabash of catenary of explosion proof calabash and crane, crane, annulus. As the development of the company, business of this 3 parts has rapidder growth nearly two years.

Regard the main application of wire rope and crane as the domain, because aluminous treatment industry works abominable, operating mode is mixed and the environment is right its have higher demand. The product of STAHL CraneSystems most antedate to entered this industry 2005, first client is the color in Henan 10 thousand base aluminous course of study. We were offerred at that time include the 2nd brake, be able to bear or endure of high temperature of 60 ℃ environment tall defend the special configuration of grade needs actually with satisfying a client. 2008, the lead company of industry of another aluminous treatment -- aluminous course of study of Shandong heart Nuo is in the product that we also chose after making an on-the-spot investigation through the market.

Divide outside aluminous treatment industry, our wire rope and crane also obtained good outstanding achievement in the industry such as metallurgy, car.

The main user of explosion proof calabash and crane is centered in chemical industry. The explosion proof of STAHL CraneSystems removes heavy equipment to reach the design that human nature changes with its security, stability, be in what Euramerican market maintains 70% above all the time to have rate; But have bigger difference as a result of the price and domestic product, our inchoate business is given priority to in domestic project with becoming international client. Rise stage by stage as what in recent years domestic client asks to safety performance of explosion proof equipment, we also become attached to company of a lot of home, natural gas of Pudong of as above sea net limited company.

The calabash of ST annulus catenary of STAHL CraneSystems enters automobile industry from 2004, to date is average and annual maintain the high speed growth of nearly 100% . Calabash of our catenary of double hook annulus, assured to have the synchronous sex that rise from structure and principle, changed completely add equalizer bar, repass with two calabash in automobile industry before meticulous operation in an attempt to reachs the way that has litre of synchronism. 2007 second half of the year, we become the only supplier of calabash of catenary of annulus of project of car of continous Yang Huarui, the product line such as outfit of outfit of this project besmear, general assembly, solder needs calabash to exceed 150 in all, include double hook calabash among them many 50, it is automobile industry is opposite in recent years the project with the biggest demand of annulus catenary calabash.
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