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Other people of food of the 2nd China sheds safety and construction of cold chai
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On September 23, 2008, shed organization of net of industry of cold chain of net of invite public bidding and China by Chinese content " other people of food of the 2nd China sheds safety and construction of cold chain system to negotiate meeting " in Beijing restaurant of Yong Xinghua garden opens, the honored guest that attends an opening ceremony has horse power of deputy secretary-general of national development and reform committee carriage association of strong, China traffic is standing association of industry of food of vice-chairman Wang Derong, China is standing content of Han Jiazeng, whole nation sheds vice-chairman Daiding of standardization council vice director. It is day, attend the meeting still have the amount such as the delegate that comes from countrywide each district to make enterprise, content shed enterprise, equipment technology company, media representing more than 300 people. Enterprise attending the meeting covered food to produce content of enterprise, cold chain to shed the cold chain such as supermarket of company, chain, equipment and technical supplier to supply the beginning and end of catenary. The world is mixed famously professional work of shift of company of forklift of cropland of Lu Xue, nest, Woerwo, abundant, Motolora, collect protects LXE of Maxim of refrigeration of China, Xi Ke, United States, United States, and Kang Xin content sheds famous business of home, how to get content shedding, 5 annulus to arrange a content shedding, Hua Puchao city, Yi Chulian river of group of beauty of group of food of beautiful, Xia Hui, Meng Niu, 3 deer, content, Luo.

"Other people of food of the 2nd China sheds safety and construction of cold chain system to negotiate meeting " the opening ceremony carries association content to shed Guo Minjie of chairman of technical equipment committee to chair by Chinese traffic, chairman of king heart flourish delivers open address for congress, he emphasized what the development as Chinese economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood make the same score rising, cold chain content flows in the safeguard food safety, important import that increases the respect such as farmer income progressively protruding comes out now, we should coordinate the industry that supplies catenary to swim up and down adequately, strengthen cold chain content to shed the pace of construction! Horsepower strong secretary-general also is on the conference make important speech, the progress that he shows to progress of national economy society cannot leave content popularity job and prop up, showing level is the important period that content shedding develops, accordingly we should accelerate perfect and modern other people to shed service system, to cold chain content shedding should have more investment, establish higher level. Speed of food industry development is swift and violent since Home Han adds chairman to mention reforming and opening in the speech, cold chain amid has very significant proportion, have important sense to the development of food industry. Daiding grew the problem that builds with respect to cold chain standard to publish special subject to make a speech a little while, was delegate attending the meeting to introduce cold chain standard to build system and newest trends. Meanwhile, of great capacity of Li Zhong of director of Chinese standardization association is right also in the speech of Food Sanitation Law edit, carry out, of cold chain standard make make with superintendency problem detailed elaborate.
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