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Analytic the advantages and disadvantages that tripartite content sheds
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Compete now with each passing day below become acute and the big setting that the society divides the work to be refined increasingly, outside content shedding assist have clear advantage, incorporate is in:

1, the enterprise concentrates energy at core business. Because the resource of any enterprises is finite, become the expert of the reach every aspect of a matter on business very hard. For this, the enterprise should be good at his main resource at oneself centrally advocate course of study, and leave content to shed a company the auxiliary function such as content shedding.

2, use new technology neatly, implementation trades stock with information, reduce cost. Progress increasingly when science and technology when, professional tripartite other people sheds a supplier to be able to replace IT and facility ceaselessly, and average single production company updates his resource hard for a short while normally or the shopkeeper with skill different; may have different, of constant change deserve to send with IT demand, right now, tripartite content sheds a company to be able to satisfy these requirement with a kind of fast, kind that has cost advantage more, and normally manufacturer accomplishs these services hard. Same, tripartite content sheds a supplier to still can satisfy the ability of the potential customer demand of an enterprise, make thereby enterprise can arrange with arrives shopkeeper.

3, reduce fixed assets investment, quicken capital have enough to meet need. The enterprise builds content to shed need to throw many capital to buy content to sort equipment oneself, the professional other people such as construction storehouse and information network sorts equipment. These resource the enterprise to lacking capital especially medium and small businesses is a heavy burden. And the investment that if use tripartite content to shed a company,reduces establishment not only, the capital that still liberated storehouse and motorcade respect takes up, quickened capital have enough to meet need.

4, the customer that offers agile diversity serves, create more value for the client. If you are raw material supplier, and the supply of goods with rapid need of your client of raw material demand is compensatory, you are about to have area storehouse. The storage that flows through tripartite content serves, you can satisfy client requirement, and need not because build new establishment or be rented for a long time and capital of allocate and transfer is restricted on management flexibility. If you are end item supplier, the service variety that uses tripartite content to flow to still can provide the more kind that exceeds his to offer them to final client (the tentative be in short supply that if offer this enterprise to cannot satisfy a client temporarily,asks, short the service) such as the storage management when, bring more additional value for the client, make customer satisfaction is spent rise.

Of course, flow to be compared with self-supporting content, tripartite content flows in offer afore-mentioned advantage for the enterprise while, also can bring to the enterprise a lot of adverse. Basically have: The enterprise cannot control content to shed function; directly unwarrantable those who offer money is accurate the quality that with seasonable; unwarrantable client serves and the development that maintain the enterprise of long-term relationship; with the client to will abandon shedding professional technology to content. For instance, when the enterprise is using tripartite content to flow, tripartite content sheds the employee of the company to often produce truck with your client, right now, the mark that tripartite content sheds a company to be able to carry itself of the spray on the tool through be in or let company staff dress unite the means such as dress to promote tripartite content to shed a company the position that the integral figure in client memory replaces you thereby.
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