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Flow give somebody a new lease on life: The one big important and successful ess
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L concerns ERP

Alleged ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning -- company natural resources plans) , build namely go up in IT foundation, use the advanced government idea of contemporary company, comprehensive ground is compositive all resource information of the enterprise, what offer business accomplishment of decision-making, plan, control and classics to evaluate for the enterprise is all-around the administrative platform with systematization. ERP system is theory of a kind of government and administrative idea, its core manages a thought to supply catenary government namely, not be an information system merely.

Two kinds of wrong viewpoints of 2 executive ERP

Carry out means about ERP, put in two kinds of open to question viewpoints currently. A kind of viewpoint advocates overall is copied. Manage mode completely to run a company according to ERP system namely; Additionally one kind of viewpoint to it contrary, think to should change ERP construction of system to show pattern of some working flow and management in order to get used to an enterprise. Overall copies the administrative way that should change an enterprise to have namely actually. Overall accepts ERP system place to offer " standard " manage Fan Shi.

On the other hand, change ERP construction of system has the executive plan of working flow with getting used to an enterprise completely, also put in blemish. The manual work kind of function is faced in the tradition, brushstroke business often needs a few paces or a few works that the branch completes, in ERP the likelihood can be finished. But if we change the construction of system of ERP blindly. Change each manual job to be operated with the computer. Work efficiency can not get too much improvement accordingly.

The 3 way BPR that carry out ERP correctly

See by above, copy ERP flow and change software to work in order to get used to handiwork, these two kinds of practices won't do. So, how to carry out ERP correctly after all? Flow of proper change company business makes the indispensable link cabinet in executive ERP.

Give somebody a new lease on life of flow of business of BPR(business Process Reengineering) , undertake to the business flow of the enterprise essential sex thinks to be designed again with complete sex again namely, win the dramatic improvement in cost, quality, service and career respect outstanding achievement thereby. Say specificly, it is a center with working flow namely, the management that redesigns an enterprise, management and run way. What should analyse a company first before transforming business flow is current state, the different level that different company grows in its, uses technological process changes strategy is endless also and same, see a table 1.

The following, give out the executive proposal that ERP and BPR union use:
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