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Cheat automation of Niu Liu period the technical window of content shedding syst
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Cheat automation of Niu Liu period the height that content shedding system is high-tech equipment and control technology is compositive, the big, innovation with dimensions nods, the high equipment of the tall, moving efficiency of automation degree suffers industry to fix eyes upon. This project controls a system to shed equipment application to have technology of a lot of innovation to content from information management.

Commanding systematic respect, those who came true to produce content shedding and content of much library memory to flow is unified attemper management. The high automation requirement of content shedding center is right finished product automation library, inside library, complementary makings library undertakes the automation that hire capable person much library is unified attemper and manage, build the information that includes storage content to shed control of storeroom of information management system, automation and supervisory system and automation storeroom control to carry out a system to wait inside to control a system namely; Implementation produces content shedding and the automation control that pack, crude production sheds the centralized management that flows with memory content to attemper, and much library memory and crude production flow manage as a whole etc.

The field uses in high-tech equipment, this project covered a variety of advanced and efficient automation equipment, among them the suspension in AGV and sky carries a system is the largest window in cheating Niu Liu period. Wrapped link of material delivery of cargo from storage to introduce AGV inside especially, from go up at all realized true automation to carry, the one big breakthrough in becoming similar terms of unconscious ox group to look. As we have learned, in the stereo library of other item, bag capable person carries exercise to control stacker to make be worn below goods by the computer more inside, by orbit delivery of cargo from storage. Under photograph comparing, the application of AGV makes the carriage system that covers Niu Liu period realized complete intelligence to change, improved work efficiency greatly, reduced manpower cost.

The locomotive condition that comes from a year looks, cheat content of Niu Liu period to shed a system to be achieved basically already at the outset the program designs an object, obtained satisfactory result. It is a foundation with this, the headquarters base that group of trade of unconscious ox milk has confidence to will be located in Huhhot and county of Lin Ge Er constructs domestic scale the modern plant with highest content of the biggest, science and technology, make the model of industry of domestic and international dairy produce.

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