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Domestic car produces the demand analysis of company flow and ERP
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One, company of our country car grows the current situation

Our country auto industry starts late, start low, dimensions small, technology structure of backward, industry is unreasonable, since reforming and opening although have rapidder development, but posture of as big as car production country is more apparent than difference: Sheet looks from absolutely crop, 2003 6 months accrete of our country produce sale car many 200, annual predicts to exceed 4 million, although be compared,the corresponding period grew 30% last year, but countrywide total output still is not worth international car tycoon year of crop of global company. Our country has joined WTO, according to our country the acceptance to automobile industry, to 2006, our country car is truckload import tariff level will fall to 25% , component falls to 10% , and cancel the protectionism of blame custom duty such as quota of import of a few such as stage by stage, domestic automobile industry will face open international market directly, this still belongs to young automobile industry to our country for, will be a special acid test.

Be aimed at the current situation of company of our country car, car company wants to leave an establish oneself in an unassailable position in the concussion of international car tycoon, only outlet can be to develop as soon as possible only expand company actual strength, accomplish dimensions not only big, more important is actual strength ambitious. 2002, industry of our country automobile undertook large-scale annex recombines, 3 old car groups of our country one steam, 2 steam and on steam all dance went out with great quantity, one steam purchases day steam and undertake cooperative; with company of Japanese abundant field 2 steam produce a company to have comprehensive and joint-stock plan with Japanese day, establish east wind to day produces; of car limited company and go up steam criterion annex bought Liuzhou the company such as strange luck of 5 water chestnut, Anhui, make go up the product line of steam group is more perfect, our country already was had first " car aircraft carrier " rudiment.

The difference of our country auto industry, besides the difference on dimensions, mainer production technique and the gap that run a technology to go up, and among them the most important is the difference on management. For whole, industry of automobile of current our country puts generally in undermentioned government issue:

·Scale of production slants small, have not form dimensions to change manufacturing;

·Market information is ineffective, production forecasts data to forbid;

·Design new product cycle to grow, cannot get used to the market demand; of rapid change

·In producing a course, be in goods is much, raw material, semifinished product even manufactured goods stocks is big, take up; of many circulating fund

·Departmental door business handles the business and information communication is not expedite, periodic long, efficiency tall; of low, error rate
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