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Path family name uses RFID to monitor dangerous and chemical article to carry in
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Company of chemistry of path family name uses RFID system to monitor the state of railcar of locomotive air cylinder and position in real time. The dangerous material that railcar uses at carrying inspiratory sex to poison (TIH) . The system uses the EverSee2 transponder of SalcoTechnologies, include modem of communication of inductor, two-way satellite and GPS positioner. Transponder sends information to run platform and software to the SmartChain asset of SaviTechnology, the newest position that makes family name chemistry receives railcar regularly believes what cease and highlight incident to call the police information. Path family name is OK still related to the government the orgnaization shares data.

Chemistry of path family name undertakes many products and container track the construction of the project now at present. "About 4 years ago, the company formulated a strategy, the plan implements 50 different projects inside 10 years, " whole world of path family name identifies automatically and CraigCasto of label technology leader says. This included what lorry, barge, railcar and of all kinds car carry container to track. 2005, path family name installed Savi to track system and relevant application software for TIH cylinder, through a form using in supplying chain code and Savi433MHz active label track TIH cylinder. Now, the company uses new EverSee2 system on Savi platform, help fixed position lades the railcar of dangerous and chemical material. Dow has 26 in all in North America, 000 railcar, among them chemical material of TIH of 650 carry outfit, now, dow begins to install EverSee2 equipment on 650 these cars. This year the end of the year, casto says, railcar will use all TIH to track a system newly.

Current, to accord with the requirement of American railway association, how does every freight railcar contain two passive 915MHz or 2.45GHzRFID label, use at car fixed position to track. Installation of site of a few railroad has RFID reader, can capture the ID mark that passes traffic ticket, provide finite car and goods position data. "To great majority goods, this this data is enough, however to dangerous product, path family name was exploring system of appropriate real time location all the time in the past " Casto says.

2006, path family name and chemical danger taste carriage emergency referral center (freight of railcar of company of chemistry of family name of path of Chemtrec) joint development can inspect sexual item, those who check railcar is wireless track, use to be based on network platform, path family name and Chemtrec can share data. This project is derivative the application of railcar new system.

EverSee2 is passed hair implement can install by proper time paragraph " wake " come over, send " I am here " signal, signal includes the detailed information of the longitude and latitude of label position and inductor, be like the temperature inside the car. Data sends Savi software through the satellite, make family name, Chemtrec and other accredit square get pertinent information thereby, receive emergencies warning.
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