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Plastic presswork initiate new breakthrough of technology of wireless label RFID
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In retail trade and goods government industry, wireless label orRFIDAnswering back device is considered as prospective technology.

Handle a process to simplify and accelerate content to flow, often be in container, Include caseGo up with crate useRFIDLabel will provide the information of contents, producing area and condition. Recently, HARTINGMitronics AG firm increased the efficiency of RFID answering back device and monitoring area per fire detector successfully considerably. Its use technology of figuration of road of laser straight wiring (LDS) makes three-dimensional and plastic printed circuit (also call unit of the interconnection inside the model, MID) , development gives the answering back device of new generation. This product is made by the PocanDPT7140LDS of Lang Cheng company.

Technology of figuration of road of laser straight wiring is the special innovation technology of production MID. It is OK to use this technology agile, make printed circuit on three-dimensional MID with inferior cost conveniently, do not use the method that chemistry etchs. This craft is used thermoplastic plastic, in thermoplastic plastic in mix organic metal complex matter. After noting model, go up in three-dimensional component with laser " fire " the circuit graph of high resolution. Along with after, eletroplate in chemistry in metallic bath, the copper of area plating Fu in classics activation, nickel and / or golden circuit.

The PocanDPT7140LDS that Lang Cheng company develops can be accorded with from note model and laser to etch of plating Fu and likelihood hind foreword solders wait for LDS the requirement of all treatment craft. Its heat be out of shape temperature 250 ℃ , suit high fever to use an environment particularly. This polymer still can be able to bear or endure the high temperature that suffers circumfluence to solder with gas phase. LDS and MID technology photograph are united in wedlock, realize compositive on plastic component three-dimensional and directional antenna thereby. The makes by plastic film wireless label with the tradition namely intelligent label is different, use this antenna, KFID answering back device can be read inside 5 meters limits write, when although be in,standing by metal and liquid insusceptible also.
The aerial manufacturer EMWAn-tenna that not long ago of Ba Sifu company precedes to Korea is offerred new-style but laser sculpture gets together amine, use at developing the whole world the plastic miniature antenna of first GPS and blue tooth mobile phone. UltramidT4381LDS is a part half crystallization, partly of scent a group of things with common features high temperature resistant get together amine 6/6T, pass 10% fibre glass and aggrandizement of 25% mineral filling, offerring wider metallization size range of pipe bent while do not damage its machinery property again. Compare with the photograph of groovy material pottery and porcelain that is used at antenna of mobile phone miniature, the frequency range of UltramidT4381LDS is wider, voltage standing wave frequently antenna of miniature of pottery and porcelain is lower, improved aerial performance thereby. In addition, it still can be passed reduce fraction defective, reduce workmanship and reduce cost.
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