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Seek more RFID to use pattern
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Beyond question, RFIDThe market is long-term to good, closed circuit system still is current RFID technology application is the most mature and the domain with distinct benefit. For example, a few retail businesses provide the more large-scale application in manage, storage management inside inn RFID; The side runs in fixed assets, RFID technology obtained rapidder progress in a lot of industries.

"To drivingRFIDapplication, successful case is very important, matter to RFID technology to be able to arrive from research and development be born. " introduce according to Mr Kelley, de Longzheng of wheat of retail trade tycoon raises his in use RFID technology inventory diaphaneity and supply catenary efficiency. In addition, rich generation is electric the bureau of spaceflight of country of department of energy of International Airport of tool, Hong Kong, United States, United States RFID that also chose Intermec technology.

But Intermec is not contented and inchoate inRFIDWhat technical respect obtains is successful. To check and confirm the latent capacity that RFID of new generation shift uses, famous forklift firm gets stuck Intermec and whole world Sikate (Cascade) collaboration, created system of revolutionary mobile RFID forklift. Through using complete system, forklift driver need not leave car to be able to be read conveniently write RFID ticket, and administrator can obtain car seat and spot exercise information in real time, manage labour force and capital fund effectively. Technology of this kind of RFID and forklift photograph combine the application in storage domain, can increase inventory diaphaneity, reduce cost, bring exceed strong flexibility. Besides, intermec still is valued and rolled out more RFID technologies to use pattern, help client gets good investment get one's own back.

It is production domain of heavy industry equipment above all. Car production isRFIDTechnical application is earlier and a very main field, tycoon of industry of special grade of this Kelaisile, cropland, masses, general, blessing used RFID technology, a few otherer the enterprise is in active follow-up. RFIDThe technology basically applies on car product line, the workshop that produces automobile body for instance has a lot of moulds to need fixed calibration, otherwise the product can have a problem probably, and these moulds keep be on the move in product line, previously may because detect,equipment brings about product line to stop a line. Adding outfit RFID label and read write implement hind, can be on the move in product line mould condition understands monitoring of the real time in the process when to need to go corrective, reduced the time stopping a line of product line greatly so. The field is created in the plane, no matter be Boeing or empty guest, add on the machine installed RFID label to replace a form code, when so that be in,equipment need is safeguarded, need not get " see " bar code, can get easily concerned data, and can will safeguard information to write RFID ticket, safeguard in order to facilitate the next time.
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