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The quality BOM that is based on ERP system manages mode to discuss
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1 quality runs business analysis

ERPOf the system qualitative most management is manage TQM with overall quality, the quality spirit of ISO9000 quality system is consistent, the member that advocate quality is complete is participated in, overall control, precaution is given priority to, prevent check union, talk with data, ask quality manages exercise standardization and standardization. But the quality management of ERP is main body is compositive now on present dominant position, to the enterprise the whole process of quality management is offerred compositive, from the development that purchases a supplier and attestation, of raw material examine, produce a course examine compositive change final inspection of control, product, examine the shipment with the metric management that measures an instrument and product examines the statistic of quality, analysis, provided advanced, quick method and measure. But it and TQM, ISO9000 cannot be equal or replace, ERP quality management is emphasized depend on data, it is to be promoted each other between them, complementary the concern that charge, that is to say, the quality management of ERP improved the efficiency that company quality manages, raised quality pilot to answer speed.

2 quality inspection

Quality inspection differentiates according to examining object supplied materials examines, examine with delivery of cargo from storage in goods, can install in the system to whether join quality module, must pass put in storage of ability of raw material of certificate of proof when join quality module, in goods qualification ability flows into next line working procedure, qualification tastes ability put in storage and delivery of cargo from storage. Correspondence of every inspection man foreword examines working center, according to examining mark the Huaihe River forms sampling plan automatically, judgement individual event is eligible examine finally certainly result.

The design of system of 3 quality BOM

The concept of 3.1 quality BOM and character

Quality BOM is to be in in successive product BOM on the foundation that product structure configuration concerns, information of add to each component in product composition primary quality, salary of the member that be like qualitative check expects (personnel administration module) , standard of qualitative check quality (quality standard manages module) , qualitative check equipment detects regulations and method (basic data safeguards module) , and the news of all process quality that makes in manufacturing an activity, discarded data of the quality inspection data that collects like the spot, hardware, breakdown happening and processing data, detect equipment is used and discard as useless the new BOM form that forms the record. Those who was based on the quality management of ERP to realize quality information, function and process is complete and compositive, this includes an enterprise to produce quality management of the activity not only, return the quality management that should include pair of quality activities, make the iformation flow of activity of all concerned quality can stabilize in order movement, accordingly, it should suit with photograph of business management mode, perforative at the enterprise each administrative levels, include the decision-making quality of the enterprise and administrative quality. the quality BOM system that offers with respect to article place, above all, reflected quality management " talk with data " characteristic, broke through before quality management is too academic change the malpractice; with formalization next, regard quality as the carrier of data, it facilitates use statistic to analyse method and tool, solved traditional quality management to have many quality data, extract the state of useful quality information hard however, make quality was had more accurate can spend most quality, raised quality project can carry out a gender.
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