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How to promote high school ERP of small-sized manufacturing industry implements
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To enhance the market competition ability of oneself, more and more medium or small production enterprise build ERP system to mention schedule to come up. But the effect of executive ERP all is not like person meaning however. How raising ERP to implement successful rate is a difficult problem that puzzles this kind of enterprise.

Home is medium or small manufacturing industry is having very strong individual character. Above all, their administrative instability, especially in little secret look forward to, some still is withholding the trace of very strong household company. Next, they are in industrial catenary mostly downstream, capital little, scope is little, be in weak force in the market, suffer the effect with fluctuant market easily. Again, to get used to the change of external environment, business configuration is agile and changeful, bring management not small challenge. Finally, the integral quality from personnel of course of study is not high, especially the culture level of basic level employee is finite, liquidity is strong. These characteristics decided to be in medium or small production enterprise wants to carry out ERP successfully to cannot be done mechanically " take doctrine " , and should apply in card of the differentiate on the foundation of sufficient survey treat. Specific for, should have done the following keys to nod accuse:

The first, the executive force of group of aggrandizement ERP project.

There should be to the mana, high level leader that knows business, familiar business management regards the leader of ERP project group as core in the enterprise, this is everybody's consensus. But only of all sorts of policy measure in this unwarrantable still project carry out fulfil. In medium and small businesses, more ambitious attune implements power. Carry out the project group talent with high power to protect what press a quantity character to complete the work only. How to raise project group to implement power? Besides wanting to have the leader of a have both ability and moral integrity, the plan that has feasibility even and seasonable and effective communicate. Medium and small businesses works beginning often is as the change of the market change, plan sex is poor. It is so in the process of executive ERP, the roll that must a degree of finish is united in wedlock plans. The plan wants science reasonable, have feasibility. Carry out personnel sometimes by experience or understood company share circumstance to make working plan only, cause a plan to cannot coach real work, optional and protracted change a plan. Such not only the earnest sex that caustic carries out the job, what still can make executive job long-term is protracted go down, bring executive cost climb successively tall, executive muscularity sells at a discount. When maintaining project group to reach even additionally, communicate effectively, can unite thought, unified understanding so, when making executive job reach, advance effectively. What can say power is being implemented in medium and small businesses is project success or failure is essential.
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