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RFID technology supplies the application in catenary in aquatic product
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The motive in flowing in aquatic product to supply chain according to aquatic product content is different, aquatic product content sheds cent to content flows and sell content to flow to produce content shedding, treatment, include production, treatment, storage, carry and sell 5 segment, raising aquatic product to supply the key of catenary efficiency is the efficiency that coordinate 5 link and improves every link. At present the supply of domestic aquatic product catenary structure is shown 1 times like the graph.

Supply from aquatic product can see in catenary, through using RFID technology, can conveniently whole the information of each link in supplying chain reads in information management system, each link also can increase relevant data conveniently. In addition, consumer and relevant director branch can pass communication network and terminal to undertake inquiry and date from. If the graph is shown 2 times,the framework that supplies chain to aquatic product treatment is designed.

Crude production sorts link

Manufacturing segment: Each water area that is the aquiculture base that provides dimensions and standard relatively or each breed set a label, to this water area or this breed aquatic product from breed bale the necessary information in the whole process that appear on the market passes an input / output what equipment has seasonable and initiative news to type, finish the first link that supplies chain in this breed aquatic product so when, electronic label had stored its are all and basic information. When should buying an enterprise to undertake buying to the aquatic product of an any water area, collect through using data implement right breed aquatics door and aquatic product undertakes information is collected, accelerated not only buy rate, lowered error rate, and the fundamental data that provided the POS system, system such as electronic business affairs for company of aquatic product treatment, provide fountainhead data for product date from. With somewhere the clam that some breeds base is exemple, the content that its electron label can contain sees a table 1.

Carriage link: RFID technology basically is reflected in the application of carriage link for the monitoring in road goods, dog reach road junction examination. Rise the RFID technology that contains temperature sensor and GPS union, can provide real time with shedding a company for content monitoring and dog service; To breeding door the goods that also can know oneself conveniently through computer network reached what place, whether be waited for by stealthily substitute one thing for another circumstance; Business is purchased to be able to consult through terminal reader after reaching destination product function index and the condition in carriage road; When accepting an inspection through a few road junction, examination unit also need not ravel pack, want to read terminal to be able to know the specific content that pack through electronic label only, rose to road junction checks rate and alleviate greatly pressure of road junction congested.
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