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CIO entered boiling ERP times IT to serve a product to change
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Need is carried out againERP? Need not guess also know the answer, unless you are a CIO that considers record of world of refresh auspicious Nisi. But ask an attention, this problem still is worth you to think -- your IT branch whether already overstaffed can'ts bear, the technological process that if service of hill, IT does not have clarity,uses systematic accumulation, you are constant so busy that cannot leave hand in, and the budget exceeded again...

Compare with the photograph 10 years ago, the industry is already disparate to the demand of IT. A factory still is before enterprise of a civilian battalion of city of Zhejiang kind brook promotes lucky electron 10 years, nowadays is the electronic parts with a giant dimensions creates a company already, manufacturing base is set in Ning Bo, Suzhou, Dongguan, have a pine to fall, the 500 strong clients of world such as riverside of Xia Pu, flying benefit, SamSung, Suo Ni, Thomson. Recently two years, the electron that promote luck to reduce cost further, break through the camp of a few policy of export trade, move center of export business sale to Singapore, purchased a center to move Japan. This body is in the whole world to supply the industry of catenary, the commercial pattern that changes at any time to answer and complex globalization competition environment, had been no longer absolutely to the demand of IT " know to there is how many goods in storehouse at any time " so simple.

This example reminds you must brace, in experience " boilingERPTimes " hind, of IT had produced more far-reaching effect at Chinese enterprise. In " type, write collection document " time, IT is; of a post is in "ERPBuild a times " , IT becomes; of a branch and in future, IT will be business. Below new condition, the biggest challenge that the CIO of enterprise interior faces is to originate exterior, namely the competitive dominant position that original technical innovation creates for company place gradually after subsidise, CIO at any time likelihood by more powerful, more the IT service provider of low is replaced.

Xin Yibo's technology and standard spring tide began. From recently IT of period of time serves manufacturer, business software firm, in the product development that includes advisory company and the change that study a stress not difficult discovery, serve government about ITSM(IT) , IT Governance(IT is administered) the framework that faces a service with SOA() if the case study of problem discussion, optimal practice is warming up stage by stage. This one spring tide pays attention to the technology that did not come 10 years and standard trend more, set out from business definition IT, and resemble no longer in those days a few applaud not the technology of draw a large audience, for instance the reseau of distributed computation efficiency counts attention company technology, the EAI(company application that what perhaps pay close attention to is the program interface between different software system is compositive) technology.
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