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Only wisdom win the bid other people of the tobacco in Hubei flows attemper plat
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Recently, industry of the tobacco in Hubei is finite liability company option and only wisdom the company cooperates, you Weizhi company builds cent of finished product smoke to sell content shedding to attemper for its platform. This platform will with only wisdom carriage management system- - Elog Enterprise TMS gives priority to body, knead add up to order platform, attemper platform, monitoring platform, plan cost platform and statistical analysis, use technology of J2EE, AJAX, it is frame with SOA, the smoke in implementation and Hubei has other system to undertake notting have seaming joining. Adopt a system prop up, the smoke in Hubei sheds implementation the control of whole process to content, unite complete province to carry administrative pattern, vitrification carries administrative process, content of independent business accounting spreads cost, assessment content sheds moving performance index 5 a lunar month of 30 days set a target.

Industry of the tobacco in Hubei is finite liability company (abbreviation " the smoke in Hubei " ) hold water at uncovering a shop sign in January 2004, leave plant of administer Wuhan cigarette, plant of 3 gorge cigarette, red bring cigarette plant, plant of wide water cigarette, plant of assist fencing cigarette, plant of clear river cigarette 6 opium factory, "Yellow crane building " " Gong Jinlong " two old series. 2005, "Gong Jinlong " be judged to be well-known logo of Chinese famous brand, China; 2006, "Yellow crane building " be judged to be tobacco of Chinese well-known logo, China brand of 10 great dreams. 2006 year pay taxes 7.551 billion yuan. Have the honor to win " countrywide pay taxes 500 strong " rank, 2007 " Gong Jinlong " sales volume breaks through 2 million box, "Yellow crane building " sales volume breaks through 250 thousand box. Predict total 2008 sales volume reachs 2.6 million case. Be in at present the whole nation is all in before the produce and sale in tobacco industry company is ranked 4.

About only wisdom

Only wisdom IT (Shanghai) limited company only wisdom information is dedicated the software provider that manages a solution at supplying catenary whole journey, core product includes: Management of carriage management of Elog Enterprise TMS, storage of Elog Enterprise WMS, Elog Enterprise Track &Trace supplies chain visible and lade optimize. Only wisdom it is the company that China devotes oneself to professional other people the earliest to sort software research and development, typical client includes car content to shed rank first surface features sheds An Jitian, the bibcock enterprise TCL of home appliance industry fast amount to content to flow surely, the use outside the navigate enterprise China that China of bibcock of electronic newsletter line of business moves to save tripartite content of company and China to flow each grows. Only wisdom the Elog Enterprise TMS of the company carries administrative system to shed software market to have rate rank in Chinese content the first.
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