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ERP experience talks: The application of batch management
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Alleged batch manages, since needle is on the move to stock the management of the batch in the process. To batch, because of demand different, can have different definition so, also produced different administrative kind. Overall for, batch management is to be date from to offer what information serves must element.

1.The purpose of batch management

Management originates demand, batch management is not exceptional also. Inside production enterprise, batch government basically serves at the following kinds of demand:

One, be aimed at Yu Mou some more sensitive to the price stock, why to no matter be to use,plant means of business accounting of goods in stock, put in storage when divide batch according to different price area, be must requirement.

2, the stock that the needle asks to having quality, batch management also is must, below my illustrate:

1, the stock that has expiration period demand, if balata, oil is tasted, food, medicines and chemical reagents, have batch government demand, in general lot number setting, include the expressive kind of date, add a few enterprises additionally to serve as lot number from the code of the definition, the lot number work out of medicines and chemical reagents satisfies a state even " management of drug production quality is normative " (GMP) .

2, the stock that has a demand to quality date from. Be in an enterprise in moving, most stock has demand of quality date from, reflect extensively in working procedure in be on the move, so batch management is a very average demand. A certain furnace that is like steely smelt second, have quality demand to constituent; A certain furnace of heat treatment second, have a demand to hardness and organization; Car rear, be aimed at the date of replenish onr's stock not just, even for just regarding batch as freedom undertake administrative, convenient date from; When supplying bowl of skin of apply the brake to rich world even, rich world sets, must distinguish the different standard antrum of different pattern, to the product of every model antrum, as different batch, do the control of dimension to pursue, control the quality of the product.

3, sheet tastes management: What differ with common batch management is: It is the amount that sheet tastes management for one, and the amount of batch management is secure or unfixed a batch; 2 it is to be on the purpose, it is lifelong that sheet tastes management make, follow after all, batch management is total regulatory, passed to be over; 3 it is to be on package management technique, sheet tastes management a few it is crucial stock as number bear the weight of, for instance the engine of the car is mixed chassis, batch management may be different stock the collect of a variety of lot number, the use of a few lot number waits same stock a moment; 4 be from integral character for, sheet tastes management more careful, remove the means such as goods convenient also management, and it is commonly hundred examine, batch is general in proportion sampling observation, after the problem returns money, accomplish former batch very hard to manage again occasionally.
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