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Grind China roll out the Q7 of module computer standard with new support
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Grind China the lead firm that provides as IPC solution and service, already supported level of newest Q7 CPU module now. The high speed such as Q7 support PCI Express and Serial ATA is serial interface, developing this standard is to technology of newest low power comsumption is used in small size equipment. Besides, this standard still has the characteristic of excellent batteries management and power comsumption of the biggest 12 W, in order to drive all sorts of shift and automation application.

"To CPU and the main trend that chip set develops, we can see, the function of chip still is rising ceaselessly, but chip dimension already smaller and smaller; Right compact model the main drive force that the powerful demand of hand-held shift device and portable equipment is this one change. " grind China CTO Jeff Chen points out, "To comply with this one tendency of the market, the small size chip that develops new generation is inevitable apparently, q7 was made answer actively, made the interface solution of standard of new module of 70 Mm X 70 Mm and economy. " new standard offerred all and necessary port for hand-held shift device and portable application.

Grind China product of series of System On Module includes COM-Express, ETX, XTX and SOM-144 external form. Make full use of through increasing Q7 SOM SOM Design-in Services, advantech can offer more alternatives for the client and satisfy more the applied demand of diversification.

About grinding China

Grind China it is the global lead firm that provides EPlatform service, found from 1983 up to now, devote oneself to platform of integrated Web-based technology, operation and guest to make all the time change a service, drive Connected EWorld to develop ahead. Grind China as integrated as the system business cooperates cheek by jowl, let latter can offer perfect solution in the light of the numerous application of all trades and professions. Grind China more than 1000 kinds of offerred products and solution, cover 3 much: Embedded computer platform career group (facilities of computer of Embedded EPlatform Organization) , service application group (EServices&Applied Computing Group) and industrial automation career group (Industrial Automation Group) . Grind China in the whole world 18 countries reach 36 main cities, have 3, many 400 employee, provide all sorts of support, its sale and sale network can provide quick service for client of world each district, assist a client to roll out the product quickly the market.

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