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Discrepancy condition examines regulation of quarantine newspaper check
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(10) newspaper check enters a country when carriage tool, container, should offer quarantine proof, declare state of concerned personnel health.
(11) enter a country employee of passenger, traffic carries spouse animal, should offer enter a country animal quarantine certificate and vaccinate proof.
(12) wait for special need because of scientific research, the input prohibits entering a country of content, must offer a country to examine what quarantine bureau signs and issue is concessionary examine and approve a proof.
(13) enter a country of special article, should offer concern batch or formulary file.

The 4th chapter leaves the country newspaper check
Dozenth leave the country when signing up for check, should fill in go out to condition goods signs up for check sheet and offer foreign trade contract (sell goods confirmation or case report) , the necessary only evidence such as L/C, bill, container load plan.

Thirteenth when following case signs up for check, divide by dozenth a regulation outside dealing with, still answer to offer relevant document by the requirement.
(one) license of every executive quality, sanitation is registered or need via examination goods, should offer concerned proof.
(2) leave the country beard classics generator or operator certificate of proof add goods to add acceptance label or detect report; Those who apply for weight appraisal, should add attach weight detail sheet or pound code sheet.
(3) the goods that clinchs a deal by appearance, should offer the sample that affirms via buyers and sellers.
(4) leave the country personnel should to examine certificate of health of journey of conduction international of quarantine orgnaization application and international vaccinate certificate.
(5) newspaper check leaves the country when carriage tool, container, still should offer quarantine proof, declare state of concerned personnel health.
(6) the business that produces a container of condition danger packing, must to examine the function appraisal of container of quarantine orgnaization application. Production gives the company of condition dangerous goods, must to examine the use appraisal that quarantine orgnaization applies for dangerous packing container.
(7) newspaper check leaves the country when dangerous goods, must offer sheet of result of appraisal of function of dangerous packing container and sheet of use appraisal result.
(8) certificate of application country of origin and Pu Hui make certificate of country of origin, should offer commercial bill to wait for a data.
(9) leave the country of special article, according to legal laws and regulations the regulation should be offerred those who concern examine and approve a file.

The 5th chapter signs up for check and card to be changed oddly
When the 14th person signing up for check applies for cancel to sign up for check, should written specification reason, classics approval is rear can deal with cancel formalities.
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