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Discrepancy condition examines regulation of quarantine newspaper check
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The 8th representative signs up for check, beard to examine quarantine orgnaization provides a power of attorney, a power of attorney is pressed by client examine the pattern that quarantine orgnaization sets fills in.

The 9th is not the behavior signing up for check of commerce property, person signing up for check can deal with formalities signing up for check directly by effective certificate.

The 3rd chapter enters a country newspaper check
The 10th enters a country when signing up for check, should fill in enter a country to goods signs up for check sheet and provide the concerned sheet evidence such as contract, bill, bill of lading.

Eleventh when following case signs up for check, divide outside be being dealt with by the 10th regulation, still answer to offer relevant document by the requirement.
(one) license of quality of every executive safety, sanitation is registered, or other the goods that needs to examine and approve examine and verify, should offer concerned proof.
(2) character examines still should provide data of operation instruction handbook of foreign character certificate or guarantee of quality, product and relevant specification and technology; Clinch a deal by appearance, must add add clinch a deal sample; With grade or settle accounts of conditioned weight valuation, answer to apply for weight appraisal at the same time.
(3) newspaper check enters a country when trash, still should offer branch of national environmental protection to sign and issue " entrance trash approves letter " the book of the acceptance label before shipping that signs and issue with authorized inspection agency.
(4) the still should provide record of record of business affairs of sheet of tally damage damage, railroad, airborne accident or maritime report to wait for circumstance of proof damage of goods concerned sheet evidence that files damage appraisal.
(5) application is heavy (several) measure appraisal still should offer weight detail sheet, tally detailed list.
(6) goods classics closes, the branch that use money is checked and accept or other unit detects, should follow add check and accept a report or detect result and weight detail sheet.
(7) the international traveler that enter a country, should fill in enter a country quarantine declares card.
(8) enter a country use plant and its product, providing letter of commerce contract, bill, producing area while, still must provide the quarantine letter that outputs country or district government; Need to deal with enter a country quarantine examines and approve formalities, still should offer enter a country use plant quarantine permit.
(9) when pass through the territory of a country uses plant and check of its product newspaper, should hold freight sheet and the quarantine certificate that output country or district government to issue; When carriage animal pass through the territory of a country, still should refer a country to examine quarantine bureau signs and issue use permit of plant pass through the territory of a country.
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