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Business of company of representative of Shanghai international freight operates
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Fee of the 7th badge, settle accounts

Enterprise of 5 freight representative is finishing thirtieth after the representative serves an item, can mix to carrier collection commission serve cost to consignor collection. Collection charge should be in formulary cost rate.
Thirtieth enterprise of representative of 6 each freight can sign consultative freight rate and commission amount with carrier, also can sign agreement of favourable freight rate with the consignor.
Enterprise of 7 freight representative should be in thirtieth business place announcement serves cost rate each, serving cost can be individual service fee, also can be to always be responsible for a task unit until it is completed cost. Management person of through traffic of international much style answers freight rate of formulate whole journey and service fee, announce at numerous. Association of international freight representative already made average rate, answer to be carried out inside float limits of the regulation.
The export goods with 8 imprest freight mixes thirtieth and freight should insist to pay to paid import the principle that put sheet, in order to increase foreign trade credit. Order with the consignor have pay consultative unit, carry out by the agreement.
9 freight and service fee settle accounts should open thirtieth international goods generation is special bill. Use the unit of computer close an account, should accord with " course of study of representative of freightage of international of People's Republic of China administers a regulation " .
The 40th person that have one of the following cases, answer to be regarded as behavior of violate the rules and regulations:
Collect fees in disorder and exceed a standard to collect fees;
Wait for consignor of method hook in with shocking rake-off, cash;
With all sorts of name enterprise of representative of standard freight transport, unit and individual offer Xiang Fei special bill.

Insurance of the 8th chapter, responsibility

The 41st acts as agent for the consignor the freight representative enterprise of insurance Wu, answer to appoint risk to deal with by client, if do not have the characteristic that goods should inspect when appointing risk, analyse all sorts of risks to be affected to its, combine carriage circumstance, mayor circumstance to wait offer proper risk, select for policy-holder, sufficient economic safeguard is obtained when be being protected in order to make sure with international trade goods is being cast.
The goods with the 42nd safe representative, in produce insurance postaccident, money acting business should be assisted cast protect just take all necessary step, avoid a loss to expand, notice an underwriter in time the condition of accident happening.
Company of insurance of the 43rd representative should remind policy-holder to offer necessary, effective proof file.
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