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Business of company of representative of Shanghai international freight operates
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The 26th cooperates discharge of custom inspect outfit, inspect, custom staff is not present, discover a problem, seasonable report.

The 5th chapter declares at customs, adopt test

The 27th member that by custom the regulation declares at customs wants the operation that hold card, without declare at customs card personnel must not be engaged in declaring at customs. The member that declare at customs should learn customs rules seriously, raise vocational level hard, handle affairs strictly by the chapter.
Before the 28th customs declaration card is handing over custom, want serious examine and verify, accomplish a data all ready, content is exact, pretty good fill, leakage is filled, anything but practise fraud, opportunistic, forbidden enter close.
The 29th is retreated involve goods and the goods that give movement not in time because of reason, cancel in time after getting retreating closing an announcement to custom, do appropriate to retreat involve procedures, carry with assuring to reappear as soon as possible. Retreat close goods to give movement afresh, want to declare at customs separately.
Thirtieth ground of different of exit of motorcade of carry of the customs superintendency station, storehouse that keep tax, inspect and Shanghai declares at customs goods should abide by custom regulation strictly.
Enterprise of each freight representative should assist thirtieth consignor does good trade supervision, protect the check, job adopting test that changes plant quarantine. Accept consignee, consignor to entrust the freight representative enterprise that adopts test to want to be declared in time, examine, give evidence, do not get those who affect goods to give carry or change trains on time without special situation. Import trade supervision goods, should be inside period of claim for compensation declare.

The 6th chapter dogs, join

Thirtieth accepts booking note card 2 times to rise oneself, freight representative enterprise should be executed to all sorts of only evidence dog system, closely linked, do not have in time by accident undertake only evidence is on the move operation, till till goods thing goes carry general bill of lading or carry single cross gets goods to consignor or consignee.
When thirtieth accepts goods 3 times oneself, rise, freight representative enterprise should execute pair of goods dog system, library of goods pass in and out, outfit tears open inn of field of box, pass in and out (station) , carry, outfit discharging, change trains, delivery should accomplish know fairly well, be in charge of for consignor. If some link appears problem, should adopt in time remedy sexual measure.
Business of company of 4 freight representative operates thirtieth link is much, the circumstance is complex and changeful, should notice link particularly between join, goods is on the move of each link hand in reinforce to person specially assigned for a task is in charge of, have corresponding written hand over a record.
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