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Business of company of representative of Shanghai international freight operates
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The seventeenth container load plan wants to center and be handed in inside a weekday after goods case about square, so that sign and issue marine bill of lading in time.
Sheet of the 18th cancel after verification, drawback sheet should be in after go back of custom examine and verify inside 5 weekday send entrust carry person.
Management person of through traffic of the 19th many type take-overs when goods, should sign and issue receipt of much style through traffic, this receipt should depend on the choice of consignor, can make over a receipt or to cannot make over a receipt.
The 20th application as all of EDI computer science department, each freight representative should cooperate closely, active support develops data to carry.

Storage of the 4th chapter, outfit tears open box

The 21st storehouse keeps goods should ensure goods is safe, library of pass in and out wants to check on the spot with booking note, number of check the amount, distinguish Ma head, voting stow, reasonable gasket, crowd is fast do not crush pack, attaint goods.
The 22nd storehouse keeps goods wants fire prevention, guard against theft, anti-fouling, moistureproof, waterproof, prevent frostbite, prevent insolate. Refrigerant goods, danger is tasted, special type goods should keep strictly by the requirement, great, mechanical equipment should notice to pile up, prevent to be out of shape.
The 23rd discovers tool of acceptance of consignment (shipping, plane, train) , the number of voyages or flights, involve amount of odd numbers, goods, weight, size, pack, Ma head, assemble and unassemble place of haven, delivery has accident or mix the problem such as the ticket to answer seasonable to about square connection, after finding out, correct. Weight and measures need to have answer measure when necessary answer pound, be like open to question, with port trade supervision judge it is surely accurate. Song Ding, medicinal powder band, change pack etc should contact consignor in time, or assist consignor to repair.
Exercise of the 24th case should distribute goods case by container load plan, accomplish close together, orderly, firm, make full use of box look, do not mix a ticket, do not pollute, do not string together flavour, not congenial danger is tasted do not mix outfit, great when necessary must gasket, colligation. Import tears open box to need to check container load plan, distinguish Ma head, distinguish ticket number, pile picket respectively, with benefit fast change trains or consignor return money. If first wife discovers when case plan and have bigger difference actually, answer to be mirrorred in time, obtain original plan is revised to carry out again after agreeing.
The 25th entrusts storehouse to come to pick up the goods of railway station, dock or deliver goods port area, want to make sure transport power is enough, lest happen,exceed period storage is expended or or install what do not wait for an accident aboard to happen.
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