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Business of company of representative of Shanghai international freight operates
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After the 8th goods that accepts a consignor to consign, the asks the choice is logical carriage means that presses consignor or L/C and the transit road of fast, safe, economy, seasonable arrangement is carried.
The 9th respects the consignor's opinion and requirement, the opinion that becomes a consignor has violate business contract, or insecure carry, or highbrow when should explain patiently, make reasonable arrangement together with the consignor.
The 10th person that have one of the following cases must not receive be commissioned to carry:
1. Manage the goods that the enterprise of business of imports and exports, freight representative business or individual consign illegally;
2. National regulation prohibits the goods of imports and exports;
3. Need license of imports and exports, and the goods that did not obtain license of imports and exports;
4. Know perfectly well enter the goods that involve;
5. Content of booking note card and give carry article actually not the goods of conform to;
6. Know perfectly well regulation of breach of contract, pack undesirable goods;
7. The data is not complete, goods property is not clear, the specification is ambiguous, the danger that tastes appraisal to pack certificate without danger tastes goods;
8. Default charge of traffic expense etc serious, the goods that the consignor place with bad reputation consigns.
Eleventh management person of through traffic of international much style can be contract carrier, OK also oneself assume some section to carry, assume the responsibility that whole journey carries.
Dozenth change trains goods achieves seasonable, security, master change trains information at any time.


Imports and exports of the 3rd chapter is only card

Thirteenth only card operation. Entrance indenture card matters to importer to pay to offer the program of complete a business transaction of goods with exporter place, exit indenture card matters to goods safety to give carry and safety to control the serious problem that collect, freight representative enterprise must take seriously highly, discretion is made.
The 14th builds system of only evidence examine and verify. Through card of the booking note card of freight representative enterprise, customs declaration card, carriage sheet, must odd, evidence is consistent, odd, sheet is consistent, odd, goods is consistent, odd, with (contract) consistent.
The 15th is accepted change simple in principle to should be before means of delivery of export goods mount, do not accept after means of delivery leaves port of shipment change. Accept change but hind should handle in time, inform about square.
The 16th carriage sheet card that issues by carrier, carry like receipt of goods of bill of lading of marine bill of lading, international land transportation, acceptance of consignment, aviation odd, postal receipt, inside a weekday after asking to accept goods or mount means of delivery in carrier, at latest must not exceed two weekday, send the bill entrust carry person.
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