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Business of company of representative of Shanghai international freight operates
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General principles of the first chapter

The first " business of company of representative of Shanghai international freight operates a standard " (standard of “ of the following abbreviation) the industry characteristic formulate of the concerned code according to freight representative enterprise and freight representative enterprise.
Member of association of representative of freight of Shanghai of the 2nd every divides the law that must abide by People's Republic of China, law and code, still should abide by the regulation of this “ normative ” .
Enterprise of representative of the 3rd freight is to show approval of Ministry of Foreign Economics and Trade of course People's Republic of China pursues trade of international freightage representative, accept consignee of goods of imports and exports, goods to send the person's commission, with consignor name or the name with oneself, for the consignor conduction international freightage reachs relevant business and collection serves the industry of pay. Freight representative enterprise must accomplish:
1. Consignee, consignor entrusts cogent basis content has done each business work, abide by contract, keep good faith, credit the first, consignor is consummate.
2. Do business strictly according to this unit the scope of operations that sets in charter runs business, do not be engaged in surmounting the item of scope of operations.
3. The dealership of freight representative enterprise and right of administration must not be made over, lease or send a bag to give another person.
Enterprise of representative of the 4th each freight is be expert at equality of property interior since concerns, it is a competitor. Should mutual assistance, advantage is complementary between each unit, return strict requirement of should high level, improve the service quality of oneself ceaselessly, promote the prosperity of course of study of one's own profession and development jointly.
Enterprise of representative of the 5th freight is inside the scope of operations of approval, should expand hard service facilities, add service item, enrich service content, perfect service quality, in order to enhance competition ability. Object organizing supply of goods with administrative measure, in order to break the law or consignor of shocking gimmick hook in, hit others him drive up, and make the unfair competition such as highbrow false conduct propaganda.
Enterprise of representative of the 6th each freight wants standard of morality of system of responsibility of formulate station job, profession. Rate of the requirement of each work segment, cost should have diaphaneity, announce at numerous, carry out strictly. Conditional enterprise should be striven for obtain attestation of ISO9000 quality system.

The 2nd chapter is consigned, carry

Enterprise of representative of the 7th freight presses need but proper motion and carrier, consignor, consignor or consignee conclude long-term or short-term consign reach carriage contract. The representative declares at customs must chase a pen to sign representative of goods of imports and exports to declare at customs a power of attorney.
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