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Good about doing certificate of representative of freight of 2007 year FIATA gro
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5, requirement signing up
(one) come since this day accepted application signing up on June 30, 2007, undertake the qualification confirms the work signing up;
(2) examinee grooms to each district the center is gotten or from relevant website (Www.fiatadiploma.org/ Www.cifa.org.cn) download application form signing up, the list that will fill appropriate with English 1, watch 2 (written file and electronic edition) with photographs of 3 Zhang Ercun passport (photograph the reverse side is written on full name, Id date) , and photocopy of certificate of Id, record of formal schooling groom through express, registered letter mails or coming to make each district directly center;
(3) already obtained countrywide goods to take the place of from certificate of qualification of personnel of course of study, every section grade 75 minutes (contain 75 minutes) above, application avoids the examinee that terminal all studies the family that study sheet, must refer certificate photocopy to reach groom formerly the proof file that checks pilot concerned achievement;
(4) need applies for to take an examination of Wu to expend privilege the CIFA member unit of 20% (include company of CIFA party member) or the examinee that collective signs up, need to add examinee additionally to be in the recommendation original of branch of unit human affairs;
(5) attended 2006 groom the examinee of the exam, in 3 exams course if have reject, can enjoy 2007 groom freely reach an exam.

6, the cost that take an examination of Wu and groom cost collection standard
The cost taking an examination of Wu of examinee is a RMB 1600 yuan; To CIFA member unit examinee can enjoy 20% privilege, unit collective signs up (5 people and 5 people above) the cost that take an examination of Wu is 1000 yuan; If examinee passes eligible of exam and second-round exam, interview, reach except afore-mentioned cost signing up groom outside cost, still must fill hand in 1000 yuan or so to obtain evidence cost (namely FIATA headquarters the certificate poundage to collection of the person that obtain evidence 150 luck bright) . Groom cost grooms by each nod what sign with CIFA place to groom expend rate (4500—5000 yuan, do not contain teaching material cost) collection. Reach about the cost that take an examination of Wu groom cost CIFA is carried accept scale, consult CIFA and each groom exam accredit unit and consultative provision are carried out.

7, groom exam teaching material
Publishing house of Chinese business affairs is new 2007 the Chinese edition of edition " theory of international freight representative and solid Wu " , publish 5 years " English of major of international freight representative " reach " FIATA certificate grooms reach exam English tutorial " (on, below book) .

8, period end all studies time and subject:
On September 22 (on Saturday) :
In the morning: 09: 00-11: ” of theory of acting foundation of 30 “ goods
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