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Good about doing certificate of representative of freight of 2007 year FIATA gro
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Each groom the exam sponsors an unit:
Federation of association of representative of freight of international of classics international organization (FIATA) headquarters is maintained, my association (CIFA) exam of certificate of qualification of FIATA freight representative and groomed authorization are held in chinese mainland at was being obtained in September 2004. Accordingly, fall in the support that is in charge of a branch, in FIATA exam center and each district groom below the joint efforts that the exam sponsors an unit, certificate of FIATA freight representative takes an exam 2005, 2006 popularize two years in the whole nation continuously, got the height of FIATA headquarters is evaluated. Good to do the FIATA qualification certificate 2007 grooms the exam works, inform specific arrangement as follows now:

One, applicant qualification
(one) every pursues freight representative business two years (contain two years) above, have quite the China of degree English level or in China the citizen outside working condition; Or
(2) accumulative total the relevant major of a year of above (international freightage reachs content shedding, foreign trade to wait) centralized study experience, the generation is not goods of the letter of countrywide goods acting qualification that obtains CIFA organization professional (if be in school student) .

2, the organization grooms
To attending groomed examinee, each groom the correspondence that exam dot wants to press FIATA requirement system takes an examination of what personnel has not less than 200 period to groom, each division every give lessons 20 class hour have level sex test, assure class hour and quality. Each groom the dot can combine various places examinee actual condition adopts concentration and amateur two kinds groom means undertakes. Level sex exam also should take an exam with English, each groom the dot is OK examination paper of proper motion protocol and standard answer, answer of examination paper, standard and exam achievement sign up for center of exam of FIATA certificate China to take a heart after the exam ends (with electronic edition) .

3, groom the persons qualified to teach is qualitative
Groom division needs is the professional and senior teacher that by Chinese goods acting association maintains is held the position of. Association of representative of China International freight and Singapore content shed association to cooperate, in August 2005 19 FIATA certificate was held successfully to groom in Dalian to 25 days master first phase grooms class. Whether to need to hold FIATA certificate to groom this year master the 2nd period groom class, association will make a decision again according to demand situation.

4, the whole nation unites exam means
Shut an exam, unified proposition, unified time, unified read roll; Exam problem and answer use English entirely.
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