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Course of study of international freight representative examines and approve the
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(8) company foundation " regulation of government of industry of representative of freightage of international of People's Republic of China carries out detailed rules " the 18th the first paragraph, application that offers the 2nd times, send this detailed rules except the newspaper dozenth in outside relevant document, still ought to sign up for send following document:

1. Give an official of business of representative of former international freight (photocopy) ;
2. Approve letter (photocopy) ;
3. Business charter (photocopy) ;
4. Application form of enterprise of international freight representative 2 (subordinate list 2, create subsidiary for subordinate list 1) (subordinate list is omitted- - complier) ;
5. Management circumstance reports (contain a network to build a case) ;
6. Subsidiary legal representative or branch chief resume;
7. On one year year careful registration form.


(9) the enterprise applies for to establish a branch, after the applicant gets the written reply to a subordinate body that agree, ought to since the day at give an official head office is run inside 90 days according to this detailed rules the 10th regulation is added endowment hind the test that has legal effectiveness endowment report and the company rules after revising (original) , department of trade of the classics outside be in charge of sectional recommendation to arrive by foreign trade of branch seat place receives approval letter.

(10) applicant exceed the time limit does not deal with the formalities that get card to perhaps get the day that approves letter to rise more than 180 days to did not begin to do business without warrant oneself, adjourn except application permissive outside, business of representative of its international freight manages a qualification to be lost automatically.

(11) outside classics trade department can act as agent according to international freight the circumstance such as estate industry development, layout, the application that the decision stops to accept business of representative of management international freightage inside proper time perhaps takes restricted step.

Outside the decision that makes via provision of the section before trade department according to, ought to give announcement.

(12) enterprise of international freight representative produces the following change, must examine and approve via trade department outside the newspaper, change receive approval letter:
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