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The right that freight acts as agent and obligation
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6, except responsibility

Because ① entrusts square neglect or error

Because ② entrusts square or other agent to be in assemble and unassemble, the error in storage or other operation process

③ because the natural character of goods or potential defect

④ because of goods pack not firm, mark not clear

⑤ because goods service geology is not not not clear, complete, accurate

Because ⑥ is right goods content state is not not clear, whole

Because ⑦ is force majeure, natural disaster, accident reason

But if can prove goods must destroy break or be being damaged is by freight agent error or unwary be caused by, or head a group of this goods destroy break, damage deal with liability to pay compensation.
The liability to pay compensation that freight acts as agent

The compensatory principle that general provision team still sets goods acting consortium by two respects: It is principle of liability to pay compensation, 2 it is limitation of liability to pay compensation.

One, principle of liability to pay compensation

Consignee is closing to discover to goods goods destroys break or damage, can prove to should destroy break or be being damaged is by freight agent error is caused, raise claim for compensation to goods generation namely, usually, claim for compensation informs after putting forward not to exceed goods to arrive how many days, otherwise, already fulfilled delivery obligation as goods generation. Goods generation compensates for a principle basically:

1, if goods hands over the market price of the place or current price and invoice amount by the difference, but cannot define its difference again, press invoice amount compensation.

2, to antique, without real value goods of other and special value, do not grant to compensate for. (unless made special statement pay corresponding fee)

3, the team also lives lawfully taxation of the goods freight of stigmatize type, custom, and other charge is in charge of compensating for. But do not recoup further loss.

4, destroy to the part of goods break or damage compensate for in proportion.

5, if goods is in,answer delivery day still is consign inside how many days, make delivery of incur loss through delay, goods generation should recoup the because of incur loss through delay immediate consequence that causes possibly and reasonable cost.
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