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The right that freight acts as agent and obligation
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1, primary responsibility

Finish freightage as carrier and assume responsibility (sign and issue freight bill by its, with the carriage that oneself master, or entrust other to finish freightage, and collection freight) .

As carrier the freightage that finish does not assume responsibility directly (sign and issue freight bill by other, use master carriage tool, or the carriage tool of hire other, or the carriage tool of hire other, or entrust other to finish freightage, do not assume responsibility directly) .

Basis and entrust the agreement that just concludes or contract provision, or when having business activity according to entrusting square directive, goods is acting should with normally responsibility finishs this to entrust, it is especially in accredit limits.

Report all main item according to the facts. In entrusting conduction business to entrust the case that just provides, data must true, if have the loss that any data that conceal or provide cause falsely, entrust Fang Youquan is recovered to freight agent and cancel representative contract or agreement.

Owe confidential obligation. The data that freight gets in acting process to leak of a third party. In the meantime, also must not turn dealership concessive other.

2, liability time limit

Begin to give goods to destination from receiving goods till consignee, or the place line of business that indicates goods park consignee according to the directive already served as the delivery that finish and sets in order to fulfill in the contract is compulsory.

3, the responsibility to the contract

The goods loss that because be caused without executive contract place,international freight agent answers him loses liability to pay compensation.

4, the responsibility to storage

When goods generation is accepting goods to prepare storage, should give after getting money entrust square receipt or storehouse proof, use up its duty during goods storage, the character according to goods and pack, the choice stores differently means.

5, the right

Entrust because of,just should pay freight agent of goods carry, custodial, cast protect, protect close, visa, conduction receipt, and all cost that provide other service for its and cause, the matter that because because freight agent is incontrollable,pay,returns at the same time causes the other cost that the contract cannot be fulfilled and produces. If goods destroys break or damaging is to belong to an underwriter,contract in limits, after freight agent is compensated for, from goods subrogation is obtained to seek countervail power over there everybody, get compensating over there the person or repay from other responsibility. After freight agent is compensated for entirely to goods, the droit of concerned goods turns for freight agent all.
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