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The liability to pay compensation that freight acts as agent
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The link that from above export contract fulfills can see, in exporting a contract to perform a procedure, of goods, card, boat joining is an extremely meticulous and complex job. Accordingly, contract of good to do export fulfills company of imports and exports, must strengthen the science management to exporting a contract, build the process management system that can reflect export contract to carry out a circumstance, take corresponding administrative step, do good “ 4 ” , “ the job of 3 balances ” . “ 4 ” are business contract is an object, according to the condition that process card reflects, include L/C to whether leave among them, supply of goods whether fulfil, undertake analytic queueing up. And reduce 4 kinds: Namely “ has card to come into stock, card does not have goods, come into stock without card, connect discovery without goods ” without card problem, solve in time. “ 3 balances ” is to point to it is an object with L/C, the goods that provides according to L/C installs the far and near of period of efficacy of sailing date and credence, combine supply of goods and the particular case deploy of carriage ability, distinguish importance, do one's best accomplishs face of tripartite of card, goods, boat join and balance. Endeavor to avoid date of delivery to forbid, protracted date of delivery or do not deliver the goods the generation that waits for a phenomenon.

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