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The liability to pay compensation that freight acts as agent
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Company of each imports and exports is in stock up while, if fasten C.I.F. Or C.F.R. Contract, still must do good chartering to order cabin work, deal with declare at customs, cast protect wait for formalities.

A, chartering orders cabin

In C.I.F. Or C.F.R. Below the condition, chartering concludes one of main responsibility that cabin is a bargainor. If export goods amount is larger, need rectifies ship ships, want to deal with chartering formalities external; If export goods amount is not large, do not need those who ship to make a boat, but by outside motion company be in harmony orders regular ship or hire for you order partial cabin seat or berth to carry.

  Chartering orders the simple procedure of cabin to be:

1, company of imports and exports is entrusted outside motion company is dealt with consign formalities, fill in booking note (Shipping Note) , company of the motion outside also saying “ orders ” of cabin a power of attorney to send serves as the basis that order cabin.

2, outside after motion company receives booking note, booking note of examine and verify, after deciding shipping ship boats and ships, booking note match cabin to answer simple withdrawal, and indenture of will whole suit (Shipping Order) hand in feed-in to export a company to fill in, next by outside motion company serves as a consignor on behalf of company of imports and exports outward annulus acting company does to consign formalities with content.

  3, after goods classics custom checks discharged, receive indenture ” by captain or “ of mate sign after receiving sth namely (call mate receipt again, matereceipt) . Those who receive the ship company of indenture to sign those who send a consignor to show goods already installed appropriate temporarily receipt. Consignor by sheet receiving money outward freight exchanges round of acting company delivery formal bill of lading.
B, declare at customs

Declaring at customs is before showing lading of goods of imports and exports gives movement, xiang Hai involves the procedures that declare. According to regulation of doctrine of our country custom: Always receive the goods of condition going abroad, must air terminal of the haven that by sets custom, station, international goes out, declare to custom by goods everybody, after passing customs clearance, goods just can be extracted or lading is exported.

Current, the company of imports and exports of our country is being dealt with when declaring at customs, must fill in export goods customs declaration, still need to offer export contract carbon, bill, container load plan or weight sheet when necessary, etc of merchandise inspection certificate concerns certificate, declare outcome to custom.

C, cast protect

Always press C.I.F. The export contract that the price clinchs a deal, the bargainor is before lading, need seasonable People's Insurance Company of China to deal with cast maintain procedures, fill make insurance application. Those who export goods casting the add that protect is to chase a pen to deal with commonly. Policy-holder is being cast when protecting, answer goods name, protect date of the forehead, carriage course, carriage tool, begin navigation, insured risk to wait to be stated one by one. The portfolio that as a result of me company of imports and exports is the same as a People's Insurance Company of China is larger, to simplify formalities, do not write insurance application really commonly, use sheet of export goods detail or goods to give carry to analyse sheet to wait however replace insurance application, insurance company is accepted cast protect, sign and issue insurance policy or insurance proof.
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