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The liability to pay compensation that freight acts as agent
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② always is registered ton (GRT) . Always register ton be according to every tons of 150 cubic metre foot and measure the shipping that come out total volume.

③ is registered completely ton (NRT) . Register completely ton be from always register ton in the volume that go out is measured after deducting machine place to take space and the place that the sailor lives.

④ bulk cubage. It is shipping can the total space of loading, include hatch and the to hold discharging thing mouth place on board to take dimension.

⑤ packs cubage. It is to point to the space inside all cabin that can be used at parcel post goods.

⑥ total carring capacity ton (DWT) . It is with weight ton denotive shipping loading capacity. Loading ability should be total carring capacity ton in deduct fuel, outfit machine parts or tools kept in reserve, water and the weight that food holds.

⑦ load line. Load line mark is to express not to endanger shipping security can the great limit of stevedore. Be called to the distance of board from load line freeboard.

⑧ ship' classification. Ship' classification has very main effect to marine insurance, because of ship' classification the insurance cost of high shipping place pay wants than the shipping of low ship' classification little. Freight representative still should know the following kinds of common freightage marine kinds:

The regular ship of ① tradition. The shipping of this kind of type

Offer periodic to carry a service, acceptance of consignment is normally scattered or the goods of small lot. The boom on use boat or crane hold discharging thing, aboard by undertake goods stowage artificially.

Half container of ② boat or half tray boat. The bulk goods of shipping acceptance of consignment of this kind of type and the goods that load good container or tray to go up beforehand, support forklift undertakes stowage, also can carry container in the hold of n or board jacket.

Boat of case of ③ complete works. It is to be only lade container and built ship. It uses itself assemble and unassemble the crane that equipment perhaps uses a bank to go up will assemble and unassemble container. The different type of container ship is divided roughly for acting ” of a few “ , the ship that has 600TEU ~ 1000TEU to carry box ability regards generation container as the boat; Have 1100TEU ~ the shipping that 18 00TEU carries box ability calls the 2nd generation container ship; Can lade of 2000TEU ~ 3000TEU for boats and ships of the 3rd acting container. The container ship that obtains the 3rd generation is the Panama that the the Big Ditch can pass on width shipping. The 4th generation reachs the ship that has more capacity recording case, its width is bigger, unwell at passing a the Big Ditch.

The 7th Chartering, order cabin and shipped relevant knowledge

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