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The liability to pay compensation that freight acts as agent
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The shipping company the last few years that is not regular ship consortium appears on certain international course.

The carrier that do not have a boat is to point to the carrier that is engaged in fixed battalion carry, do not own the ship that runs seaborne place to need. Although be carrier to the relation of actual consignor, but relatively actual carrier appears with the consignor's identity again. Its have as the action since client place: Assume the responsibility that produces in maritime freightage; Use maritime carrier, include regular ship consortium and company of ship of consortium of blame regular ship to provide a service; Carry to the door through the door enlarge service limits.

Nonsked boat carries the line that did not secure and schedule, battalion carry can be engaged in on any course, freight rate can negotiate normally.

To the consignor, choose which kinds of carriage means to have regard of a few respects, act as agent as freight, the fulfilling that should check concerned carrier carefully circumstance.

The first, the periodicity of carriage service. If goods needs to carry with fixed time interval output goes, choose to hang the regular ship that relies on to secure haven, fixed fee to express a voyage rate, strictly by sailing date.

The 2nd, carriage speed. Set the requirement that carries inside date to satisfy some kind of goods to be in when the consignor, can pay attention to the issue that considers carriage rate more. Want to be able to satisfy its ask only, won't consider the on any account of charge. Forum of elite foreign trade)

The 3rd, transport costs. When the main factor that carriage periodicity and speed are not consignor consideration, transport costs is become the most important.

The 4th, carriage dependability. This is the another main factor that when choosing carrier, considers. Before choosing company of a ship, the actual strength that inspects it independently and credit are desirable practice, this meeting decreases maritime and con. The 5th, management state and responsibility. Should move the shipping everybody that looks up consignor place to use or the responsibility of the management state of management person and place burden. The surface looks, some shipping everybody enjoys droit to shipping, and in fact, he gives a bank shipping pledge and manage a person through becoming shipping with the management contract of the bank. Shipping management person may be fixed chartering person, according to lease, ship-owner to outstanding hire, can leave buy to manage the goods that the person transports.

Marine type

Freight agent must know marine is as follows feature:

① shipping is registered and shipping tonnage. Every shipping should have citizenship, answer to undertake shipping register in certain country, have authority suspension this country ensign.

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