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20 countries haven is special to freightage regulation
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Enlighten do obeisance to and harbor sanitation authorities sets Abuzabi, every imports food, must make clear failure period, contain wholesome and healthy manual along with the boat, otherwise harbor just does not grant discharging.


Quarantine code decides Lebanon vet sanitation, can of content of every entrance activity, animal produce and its goods, perishable and food, all must contain the formal and wholesome letter that issues about manufacturing country along with the boat, the commodity that does not have certificate prohibits haven


Allow without domestic work ministry, forbid to import all sorts of drugs and vitriolic, nitric acid salt, dangerous animal to wait; Without allowing to ministry of external affairs Wu, prohibit an import alcoholic beverage, dog, pig or pork, statuary etc.


Canadian government sets, go this country east the goods of the bank, winter delivery had better be mixed in Halifax testament writings brush this, because these two haven do not suffer freezing effect.


Argentine law sets, consignee loses bill of lading to must be declared to custom, after classics custom agrees by the boat company or entrust a representative to sign and issue another bill of lading by ship company, hand over a statement to maintain be no longer in force of primitive bill of lading to concerned orgnaization at the same time.


Tanzania port office sets, every carry is gone to amount to tired Sisalamu harbor gives Tanzania or have a change of luck are mixed to Zambia, Zaire, Rwanda the goods of the country such as Burundi, need to wrapping mount prominent place is brushed on the crossed mark of different color, so that classify, otherwise the ship classifies collection goods cost.


Ancient cloth carries harbor provision, in the goods of this harbor have a change of luck, all files and answer to fill in clearly on the head that pack final destination port. Be like WITH TRANSHIPMENT TO H00EIDAH, but must notice, cannot fill afore-mentioned content in destination port of bill of lading inside one column, and can go up in the head only or place of blank of other of bill of lading makes clear, otherwise custom will inspect Djibouti this harbor goods, and discharged of the ability after wanting consignee consign to import duty.


Kenya government sets, every all needs to be cast in the insurance company of Kenya to Kenya export goods protect. Do not accept CIF provision.


Abbey lets custom set, bill of lading and manifest place list goods name to answer specific and detailed, cannot with goods kind replace. If do not press afore-mentioned regulations to deal with, the custom penalty that carrier produces for this will be assumed by the consignor. Classics A goes than allowing pass through the territory of a country the goods of the landlocked nation such as Ma Li, Burkina Faso, bill of lading and boat Wu receipt and freightage wrap mount, all need to make clear “ Ketediwa ability of ” of pass through the territory of a country is duty-free, want to impose surtax otherwise.
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