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20 countries haven is special to freightage regulation
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Harbor of cervine spy red begins to use system of ” of “ green award from January 1, 1996, to 50 thousand carring capacity ton the former tanker of above, by its the circumstance of the respect such as equipment, shipping judges a grade, if obtain high order and degree, in approach cost respect offers a discount. Port office of cervine spy red is right safe and harmless the shipping at zoology environment, in anchor decrease when this harbor receive port charges.


Japanese port office sets to importing firework, the firework cabin that goes to the 2nd port of discharging, cabin forbids in the first port of discharging, although have the goods of port of discharging among them not exceptional also: The weight of firework of every ticket bill of lading must not exceed gross weight 80 tons.


Singapore harbor just sets, the ship that tastes of danger does not get dock, berth discharge refute must be tasted in danger, appoint dock storehouse to hand in consignee toward port office by barge carry next, charge is paid by the ship. Accordingly, the ship goes in acceptance of consignment when the danger of Singapore is tasted, requirement consignor pays danger to taste allowance.


The import thing that gunny-bag packs, just must get an import via fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs first, danger is tasted cannot discharge is in dock storehouse,


Pakistan card draws regulation of strange port office, the charcoal pink that packs to importing paper bag, black lead pink, 2 magnesian reach other dye to wait, must make tray or suitable case, do not grant otherwise discharging. Pakistan does not accept the shipping that hangs India, south Africa, Israel and Korea banner to rely on harbor.


Iranian tax law sets the 90th times, in exit of Iranian haven loading, no matter its pay freight in where, all press freight 50% impose freight tax. Import is avoided impose freight tax.

Saudi Arabia

Sand spy government sets, all carry forbid Jing Yading change to another ship toward the goods with special sand. Jida and Da Man port office set: Every makes tray via must be in port of shipment toward the goods of this two harbor, container cargo also should make the case after tray first. In bags goods must not exceed 50 kilograms every packets again completely. Goods file content must detailed, if consignee is a bank, should state the detailed name of holder of final bill of lading and address. Consignee must arrive in shipping after harbor inside 2 weeks pick up the goods, will auction otherwise.

United Arab Emirates
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